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Graz Architecture: The illuminated Island in the Mur (Murinsel) in the night
The Best of Historic & Modern Architecture in Graz

Be it in the historic city center or in one of the surrounding districts, Graz is full of architectural delights. The city’s eclectic architecture is a magical fusion of periods and styles, with opule…

Festival Graz: Traditional Fasching Parade on Herrengasse
Festivals in Graz: The Definitive Guide

Are you coming to Graz and are looking for something special to do? We have compiled a list of events and Festivals in Graz you can attend to make your stay that much more fun. Although the year picks…

Christmas in Graz offers something for everybody.
Christmas in Graz: A Local’s Guide

If I ever missed one thing during the years we spent in Scandinavia, it was a real Austrian Christmas, including Austrian Christmas markets. While most people know the famous markets in Vienna, little…

Farmsteads at the Austrian Open Air Museum Stübing
Austrian Open Air Museum Stübing & Rein Abbey: A Cultural Day Trip From Graz

Being a history buff, I really love open-air museums. To me they are magical places and  extraordinary sites capable of transporting visitors from modern life in the 21st century to settings as divers…

Austrian Cuisine: The famous Brettljause board
Styrian Food: What to Eat in Graz (by a Local)

The cuisine of Austria is extremely multi-cultural, borrowing dishes from all parts of the Habsburg Empire. There is a spate of Italian, Adriatic, Polish, and Hungarian-inspired dishes and even a rich…

Things to do in Graz: Panoramic view of the red-roofed buildings of the Old Town
How to Spend the Perfect Sustainable Weekend in Graz

If you’ve never heard of the city of Graz, Austria before, it is because Graz truly is one of Europe’s last hidden gems. Situated in the south-east of Austria, Graz offers the perfect escape for those…

Day Trips From Graz: Klapotetz and vineyards in Southern Styria
25 Best Day Trips from Graz as Recommended by a Local

Graz is as renowned for its beautifully preserved Old Town as it is for its rich choice of cultural diversions and buzzing nightlife. This makes it a hotbed of tourist attractions and pulls in the maj…

Things to do in Graz: View of the Graz Clock Tower and the city from Schlossberg
39+ Best Things to Do & See in Graz (by a Local)

Often criminally overlooked in favor of its flashier Austrian siblings of Vienna, Innsbruck, and Salzburg, Graz is finally emerging from the shadows as a worthy tourist destination. This fantastic cit…

Many of the best cafes in Graz offer stations like this with a variety of spices to 'pimp your coffee'.
13+ Best Cafes in Graz – Favorites of a Coffee-Crazed Local

During my student days in Graz, I spent approximately 99.% of my income on coffee. This may sound like a slight exaggeration, but I’m not sure that it is. Although the cafe scene in Graz has certainly…