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Our philosophy is that travel should nourish your mind with new experiences as well as your body.
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Things to do in Venice: Traditional gondolas in the water with the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in the background
30 Essential Things to do in Venice

Venice is undoubtedly one of my favorite places to visit. Why? Simple, there’s really no other place on earth quite like Venice. Built on the waters of the Adriatic Sea, La Serenissima enchants with i…

Things to do in Vilnius: Panorama of central Vilnius, the Neris River and the skyscrapers of the business district.
26 Best Things to Do & See in Vilnius

With its charming Old Town, bohemian vibe and laid-back nature, Vilnius is one of our all-time favorite destinations. Jacky and I have been to Vilnius twice and absolutely adore its extraordinary weal…

Things to do in Copenhagen: Reflection of colorful buildings in the water at Nyhavn canal
50+ Best Things to Do & See in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the essence of Scandi cool and hipster with its progressive politics, neo-bohemian neighborhoods, avant-garde design, bicycle culture, and funky street art. It is also an exceedingly bea…

Things to do in Helsinki: Panorama of central Helsinki, the harbor and market square with Helsinki Cathedral in background.
28 Best Things to Do in Helsinki

Often overshadowed by its flashier Nordic siblings, Helsinki is finally emerging from the shadows as a worthy tourist destination. The city has a lot to offer with its fascinating architecture, burgeo…

Things to do in Stockholm -
30+ Best Things to Do & See in Stockholm

In the eyes of many, Stockholm is the ultimate travel destination in the Nordic region. It’s hard to refute that belief because it is one of Europe’s most enchanting and memorable cities. With its sce…

Photo of the Graz clock tower sitting atop the Schlossberg as seen from a rooftop terrace.
7 Reasons to Visit Graz Instead of Vienna (Love Letter by a Local)

There is no denying that Vienna is utterly beautiful, which is probably the reason it landed on your bucket list in the first place. Gorgeous architecture, imperial flair, and opulence, as well as wor…

Many of the best cafes in Graz offer stations like this with a variety of spices to 'pimp your coffee'.
13+ Best Cafes in Graz – Favorites of a Coffee-Crazed Local

During my student days in Graz, I spent approximately 99.% of my income on coffee. This may sound like a slight exaggeration, but I’m not sure that it is. Although the cafe scene in Graz has certainly…

Things to do in Graz: View of the Graz Clock Tower and the city from Schlossberg
39+ Best Things to Do & See in Graz (by a Local)

Often criminally overlooked in favor of its flashier Austrian siblings of Vienna, Innsbruck, and Salzburg, Graz is finally emerging from the shadows as a worthy tourist destination. This fantastic cit…