Easy Travels with Your Own Custom Itinerary for Europe

You love to travel independently but planning a trip takes a lot of energy out of you? Lean back and relax as we create a custom Europe itinerary just for you! With decades of travel experience between the two of us, you can rest assured that your trip won’t be anything less than perfect!

Can’t I do this on my own?

Of course you can! However, a professional travel itinerary takes hours and hours to compose. A holiday should be relaxing, so don’t stress yourself over the small stuff. Let us stress instead πŸ˜‰ We have a lot of experience in traveling through Europe and as travel bloggers we know the ins and outs of the business. We have a large network of other travel professionals at our disposal which means we’ll always be able to get you the inside scoop!

Why should you let us plan your Europe itinerary?

100% Customized
Every itinerary we make is 100% customized to your needs and interests, no compromises.

Authentic Experiences
We’re not here to sell you an expensive tour package, but rather to recommend real, authentic experiences.

No Stress Guarantee
Let us browse the internet for the best deals and insider tips. No need for you to spend hours reading reviews!

Money Back Guarantee
If you are really not happy with our services, we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

What we are best at

Local Cuisine
We will give you tips on the best local dishes to eat and map out the best restaurants to try them!

We love museums, but we’ll be sure to add only those to your itinerary which we think are worth it!

We’ll be sure to map out some of the prettiest buildings in town for you!

Highlights & Hidden Gems
We always find the perfect balance between popular tourist sights and little gems off the beaten path!

Value for Money
We are not traditional budget travelers, but we always make sure to get the best value for your money!

What others think

Your blog is AMAZING!!! I came across it while doing research for our weekend trip to Vienna! It’s so organized and helpful – several of your posts helped me keep my sanity while we were planning and exploring, so just waned to say THANK YOU!

~ Tausha

I have read so many blogs and travel tips for my upcoming trip to Portugal. Your post definitely stands out and I will be following your tips and suggestions for sure. Thanks for sharing your travels!

~ Purva

We had searched all information from online webpage. It’s very confusing for various type of passes in Vienna. But finally, we found your blog which easy to understand and very helpful. You solve all of our curiousity!!! Thanks again!

~ Pap

When you shouldn’t hire us πŸ™

In an ideal world, we could plan any kind of trip for you. However, that’s not the case and we are always 100% honest with you if we feel like we are not the right people to plan your trip. This is probably the case if:

  • You are into extreme sports (we get dizzy just thinking about it!)
  • You are traveling with very young children (unfortunately beyond our expertise… for now πŸ˜‰ )
  • You want to participate in certain activities such as swimming with dolphins (something we cannot ethically support)
  • You are planning a cruise (we encourage you to consider a more sustainable alternative)

So what’s included?

We will include as little or as much information as you want us too. If all you need is recommendations on where or what to eat, great. If you want us to map out a walking tour, fantastic. If you want us to plan your whole visit from start to finish, fabulous.

Normally, our package includes:

  • Accommodation research and up to 3 suggestions
  • Transfer information & practical tips
  • Restaurant & meal research for lunches and dinners
  • Suggested activities and sights
  • A day-by-day itinerary
  • Budget breakdown
  • All information in a multi-page PDF package and an interactive map

But we are also more than happy to draft:

  • Self-guided walking tours
  • Recommendations for breakfast, brunch, or snacks
  • Packing lists
  • And more… just ask!

What does it cost?

Planning a custom travel itinerary for Europe takes time, even with our expertise. However, we also know that travel is already expensive enough without paying someone to plan it for you. That’s why we have tried to keep our prices as fair as possible.


1-2 days
35 EUR
3-4 days
65 EUR
5-6 days
90 EUR
7+ days
120+ EUR

Individual Services & Add-Ons

Self-guided Walking Tour
35 EUR
Restaurant Recommendations
Customized Packing List
Hotel Recommendations

How does it work?

Firstly, we ask that you fill in our short questionnaire. It will help us gauge your general interests and travel style. The more information you provide us with in this form, the better our suggestions will be!

For Custom Itinerary Packages

After reviewing your questionnaire we will get back to you with a first draft of your itinerary within one week. It will outline the kind of attractions and restaurants we recommend for you. It will also include 3 suggested accommodations, should you not have booked your accommodation yet.

Then, we ask that you review the itinerary and get back to us with your comments as soon as possible. You may, of course, take as much time as you need, but remember it takes time to finalize your itinerary.

Before we work on your final itinerary, we ask that you pay the fee via PayPal. Once we have received your payment, we will start working on your itinerary. You will receive your full package within 1 week from the date we receive your payment.

For Individual Services

If you don’t need a full package, it’s still helpful for us if you fill the form with your information. Be sure to select only the services you wish. We will then approve your request within 2 days and send you the payment information. You will then receive your items (e.g. packing list) within 1 week from the date we receive your payment.

The fine print

What we provide is a consulting service. We are not travel agents which means we cannot and will not handle your money for you. It is your own responsibility to book any transport, accommodation, or activity through the links we provide for you. We do not consult on visa questions. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance and accept no liability for any losses, injuries, or damages incurred while following an itinerary.