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The Best Picnic Spots in Graz

If you are traveling during the warmer months of the year, one of the best ways to experience Graz is by enjoying an al-fresco lunch in one of the city’s many green spaces. Below you can find a list of the best picnic spots in Graz as well as an overview of local restaurants and cafes that will pack a picnic basket for you!

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Where to get a packed picnic basket in Graz

While you can always grab a snack from a supermarket, you can take it one step further and pick up a packed picnic basket from a local business. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Delikatessen Frankowitsch
  • Cafe Pavillon
  • Kunsthaus Cafe
  • Cafe La Mur
  • Cafe Rosenhain
  • Cafe Fotter
  • Kürbis und Kuchen

Delikatessen Frankowitsch

This packed picnic basket from Frankowitsch in Graz is just perfect!

A great place to pick up a packed picnic basket in Graz is Delikatessen Frankowitsch. They actually offer the basket in cooperation with Graz Tourism. The basket comes stuffed with goodies from local producers, including smoked trout, Vulcano ham, smoked sausages, fine cheese, typical Frankowitsch spreads, as well as their famous soft bread and a small sweet treat. You won’t go thirsty either, as the (insulated!) basket comes with a bottle of wine, some sparkling water, and a local beer.

Frankowitsch offers a packed picnic basket in Graz.

If you don’t want to be stuck with a picnic basket after you’re done, you could also opt for the picnic backpack which is somewhat easier to stuff into your suitcase.

Address: Stempfergasse 2, 8010 Graz
Availability: Monday-Saturday, April-October
Cost: 105 EUR (for 2-4 people)
How to order: By phone, at least one day in advance (+43 316 8222120)
Nearby picnic spots: Burggarten

Cafe Pavillon

One of the very best places to go for a picnic is of course the gardens of Eggenberg Palace. What’s particularly convenient is that the cafe on the palace grounds actually offers packed picnic baskets. You have a choice of a Styrian basket or an Italian basket.

The Styrian basket includes goodies such as local goat cheese, Styrian fried chicken, potato salad, and of course a bottle of Styrian white wine. The Italian basket, on the other hand, is packed with various antipasti and a bottle of red wine.

It’s best to bring cash for the basket and don’t forget the entrance fee for the park itself (2 EUR/person).

Address: Eggenberger Allee 90, 8020 Graz
Availability: Tuesday-Sunday, May-September
Cost: 60 EUR (for 2 people)
How to order: Online, at least two days in advance
Nearby picnic spots: Eggenberg Palace Gardens

Kunsthaus Cafe

During the summer, Kunsthaus Cafe often offers picnic boxes with their daily treats to-go. To check for their availability, it’s best to follow their account on Instagram. Picnic box in hand, it’s a relatively short walk along the river down to Augarten for a comfy picnic spot!

Address: Südtirolerplatz 2, 8020 Graz
Availability: Seasonally
Cost: 55 EUR
How to order: Walk-in
Nearby picnic spots: Augarten

Cafe La Mur

Cafe La Mur doesn’t advertise their picnic baskets very well on their website, but they do still offer them! Essentially, you can borrow one of their baskets for a small deposit (20 EUR) and stuff it with any of the treats they have available on the day.

Pick your own favorites for this packed picnic basket from La Mur in Graz.

Alternatively, you could call ahead and order what you’d like to have. From fresh baguettes and croissants to tarts, quiches, and more – you won’t stay hungry. You can reasonably fill a basket for two for under 50 EUR.

Once you have your basket in hand, you could of course enjoy your delicacies anywhere, but you can very easily take the Schlossberg Lift and enjoy your picnic with a view over the whole city!

Address: Sackstraße 20, 8010 Graz
Availability: Wednesday-Sunday
Cost: Depending on your selection
How to order: Walk-in or by phone for bigger orders (+43 316 812869)
Nearby picnic spots: Schlossberg

Cafe Rosenhain

Cafe Rosenhain probably offers the best value for money as far as picnic baskets in Graz go. You can conveniently order the basket online until the evening before. It’s intended for two people and includes 2 hot drinks (e.g. coffee), orange juice, and a small bottle of prosecco. As for the food, you are free to choose your ingredients, ranging from grilled tofu to scrambled eggs, fruit salad, smoked salmon, and more.

Who could resist this picnic basket from Cafe Rosenhain in Graz?

The only “drawback” is that you need to return the picnic basket to them after you’re done which means you aren’t as flexible in choosing your location as with other baskets. But personally, we love the view from Rosenhain!

Address: Panoramagasse 77, 8010 Graz
Availability: Wednesday-Monday
Cost: 50 EUR (for 2 people)
How to order: Online, at least one day in advance
Nearby picnic spots: Rosenhain

Cafe Fotter

A favorite among local students, Cafe Fotter also offers packed picnic baskets for take-away. They can be conveniently ordered online although you should know that you also need to pay a 50 EUR returnable deposit at check-out. Their small basket for 2 people contains selected meats and cheeses, crudites, orange juice, a small bottle of prosecco, and of course a sweet treat.

From Cafe Fotter it’s only a few steps to another favorite spot of the student population: Stadtpark.

Address: Attemsgasse 6, 8010 Graz
Availability: Wednesday-Saturday
Cost: 40 EUR (for 2 people)
How to order: Online, at least one day in advance
Nearby picnic spots: Stadtpark

Kürbis und Kuchen

The last spot on our list goes to Kürbis und Kuchen who offer picnic boxes for pick-up. You can pick between sweet or savory boxes – or, if you can’t decide, pick a 50:50 box which includes anything from waffles to liver pate.

The only drawback is that the location is not very easily reached by public transport and also the next-best picnic spot would be quite a hike with the picnic box under your arm. It’s best if you have a car for this one!

Address: Waltendorfer Hauptstraße 112a, 8042 Graz
Availability: Seasonally, Saturdays
Cost: 40 EUR (for 2 people)
How to order: Online
Nearby picnic spots: Lustbühel

Best picnic spots in Graz

We may have already hinted at our favorite picnic spots in Graz above, but here they are once again with a few more hints on where to pick up your picnic snacks.

  • Eggenberg Palace
  • Burggarten
  • Augarten
  • Stadtpark
  • Schlossberg
  • Hilmteich
  • Rosenhain

Picnic in the gardens of Eggenberg Palace

The gardens of Eggenberg Palace are perfect for a picnic in Graz.

For a picnic with the best backdrop, head to the gardens of Eggenberg Palace. Sure, the entrance to the gardens costs 2 EUR, but you get to enjoy your lunch in front of a literal palace! Just be sure to stick to the designated picnic areas (left of the entrance). If you do need a cup of coffee, you can grab one from the cafe on the grounds (they only take cash, though). One of the biggest advantages is free (and clean) toilets in the park.

How to get there: Tram no. (direction “Eggenberg/UKH”) until stop “Schloss Eggenberg”.
Where to grab a snack: Alternatively to taking tram no. 1, you could take tram no. 7 (direction “Wetzelsdorf”) and get off at the stop “Eggenberger Allee”. There are a couple of supermarkets and cafes around and it’s only about a 5-minute walk to the palace.

Picnic in Burggarten

Burggarten is one of the favorite picnic spots in Graz.

One of the most peaceful yet central picnic locations is Burggarten. This garden is tucked away behind the city’s “castle” and therefore really quiet. It also has a lovely view of the Orangerie. Love!

Where to grab a snack: Our insider tip would be to grab a to-go box of tramezzini from Cosimo on Hofgasse. Or you could get a sweet treat from the bakery Edegger-Tax.

Picnic in Augarten

You can grab a picnic treat from Frankowitsch in Augarten, Graz.

After having been partially closed for a long time, Augarten is still a favorite among locals, especially due to its central location close to Jakominiplatz. There is space for skaters as much as sunbathers. Truly nothing beats the low gurgling of the Mur river in the background. To top it off, there is also an open-air gym, public toilets, and of course the Frankowitsch stall where you can pick up drinks and sandwiches.

Where to grab a snack: Frankowitsch or the ever-popular ReUse Cafe right in the park. Alternatively, there is a Spar supermarket just outside the park on Grazbachgasse.

Picnic in Stadtpark

What Central Park is to New York, Stadtpark is to Graz. The biggest green space in the city is incredibly popular with locals to hang out, relax, and have picnics (of course). Although it can get quite crowded during the summer, there is usually plenty of space to throw down a picnic blanket in the grass. There are also enough public toilets in the vicinity.

Where to grab a snack: As the park stretches out quite a bit, there are plenty of options around to grab a snack. Personally, we’d pop over to the farmers’ market at Kaiser-Josef-Platz, though. Alternatively, Cafe Promenade and Cafe Parkhouse are two convenient stops in the park itself.

Picnic on Schlossberg

Head up Schlossberg for a picnic with a view in Graz.

Located smack in the city center and offering sweeping views of the old town, Schlossberg is the perfect place for a picnic. You will see many people parked on one of the many benches or along the old walls of the castle.

If you’re feeling energized, climb the hill for your well-deserved snack afterward, or take the lift straight up from Schlossbergplatz, or go for a ride on the funicular. There are public toilets once on Schlossberg, but there are also several restaurants worth a stop.

Where to grab a snack: Any of the places around Hauptplatz and Sackstraße. There is also a Spar supermarket under Kastner & Öhler.

Picnic at Hilmteich

Hilmteich offers the perfect surroundings for a picnic spot in Graz.

Located not too far from the city center is Hilmteich, the gateway to Leechwald and one of the most popular recreational areas in Graz. Not only does the pond invite you to watch ducks, rent a boat, or go ice skating in the winter, but the green spaces around are also perfect for a picnic. There are public toilets, but you could also stop for a coffee at Purberg.

How to get there: Tram no. 1 (direction “Mariatrost”) until stop “Hilmteich”.
Where to grab a snack: Cafe Purberg or Billa supermarket just across the street.

Picnic on Rosenhain

Rosenhain is one of our favorite picnic spots in Graz.

As mentioned above, Rosenhain is one of the best places for a picnic in Graz, especially if you want to have a bit of a view. Due to its proximity to the university, the luscious hill is a popular hang-out spot among students during the warmer months. The only drawback is that there are no public toilets, but a stop at Cafe Rosenhain is a must anyway!

How to get there: Bus no. 58 (direction “Ragnitz”) until stop “Panoramagasse”. From here, its a short (but somewhat steep) walk.
Where to grab a snack: Cafe Rosenhain

Insider Tip: Museums Picknick im Österreichischen Skulpturenpark

Is there anything better than combining a picnic in the park with some art and culture? That’s exactly what the Austrian Sculpture Park just south of Graz offers.

On selected days during the summer you get the chance to combine a guided tour through the park with a delicious picnic packed by the nearby Ramada Hotel. You have a choice of a “Styrian” or vegetarian basket and the price includes both the food and the tour.

Address: Thalerhofstraße 85, 8141 Premstätten
Availability: Seasonally
Cost: 45 EUR (for 2 people)
How to order: Online

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