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Vienna in March: Travel Tips & Things to Do [2023]

Oh, March, one of the best times for traveling. While Vienna slowly awakes from its winter slumber, tourists are still few and far in between. Below, we have compiled some practical information for you as well as the best things to do in Vienna in March.

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Vienna Weather in March

While not technically true, I consider March to be the beginning of spring in Austria. The weather tends to be clement for the most part, although a sudden return of winter and occasional frost are still a possibility.

Expect highs around 52°F (11°C) and lows around 40°F (4°C). Note that Vienna is a pretty windy city which makes it feel much colder than it actually is.

What to Wear in Vienna in March

Unfortunately, March is a bit unpredictable weather-wise. You may face 20+ degrees and sunshine, a day full of rain, or even snow. The wisest thing is to bring layers.

Pack for spring, but add a jacket/coat as well as gloves and a hat. That way you should be ready for anything. As for shoes, stick to closed toes in March.

Practical Information for Visiting Vienna in March

March is a great time to visit Vienna as there are no public holidays that can you restrict you in any way. All popular tourist attractions are open as usual (including museums, palaces, churches, etc.), except only a very few outdoor venues (e.g. the maze at Schönbrunn gardens).

The mild weather and longer days also make it perfect to explore Vienna in March.

Where to Stay in Vienna in March

Hostel: Wombats Naschmarkt, a popular hostel in Vienna, within walking distance of the city center

Budget Economy: B&B Hotel Wien-Meidling, a great budget option close to Wien-Meidling station

Budget Plus: Motel One Wien Hauptbahnhof, an unpretentious choice within 2 minutes of Vienna Central Station

Mid-range: Mercure Secession Vienna, a reasonably-priced 4-star hotel in the city center

Splurge: Hotel Sans Souci Wien, one of the city’s most prestigious hotels, the glamorous Sans Souci features trendy rooms and deluxe furnishings

Best Things to Do in March in Vienna

Below, find a selection of the best things to do in Vienna in March. Pick one or two and combine them with dozens of other fun things to do in Vienna.

1. Go Ice Skating

The first week of March is your last chance to go ice skating in Vienna. While Vienna Ice Dream on City Hall Square (Rathausplatz) is mostly associated with the Vienna Christmas Markets, it actually remains open until the beginning of March. It is the most tourist-friendly of all ice skating venues in Vienna (although also the most expensive).

Alternatively, check out the ice rink between the Konzerthaus and the Stadtpark by the Viennese Skating Club or the roof-top Engelmann ice rink.

Tickets at either cost approximately 9 EUR and all places offer rental skates for 7-9 EUR (+ deposit). Just be sure to bring cash.

2. Architekturfestival TURN ON

If you love architecture, Vienna is one of the best cities to visit. Not only can you enjoy classic and modern architecture on a leisurely stroll through the city, but in March you can also attend the architecture festival TURN ON.

The festival features talks around various topics such as digitalization, technological advancement, and more. The majority of talks are in German, but select program items are in English.

Check out their website for the full program.

3. Listen in on the Accordion Festival

The accordion is a staple in Austrian composition and is popular in folk music even today. Between February and March visitors to Vienna have the chance to listen in during the annual Accordion Festival.

Concerts and performances take place at various venues throughout the city. For the full program and tickets, check their official website.

4. Vinyl & Music Festival

The first weekend of March usually transforms Ottakringer brewery into a haven for music lovers. Stop by for a full program of DJ performances in the evenings or come during the day to browse for vinyls, CDs, posters, and more. Naturally, there are food trucks as well.

A day pass starts from 10 EUR. Buy your tickets here.

5. Edelstoff Design Market

Looking for a unique souvenir? Check out Edelstoff design market for slow fashion, accessories, art, and more. With more than 160 Austrian and international exhibitors, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

You can also watch select artists as they work or relax in the lounge area. Naturally, there is plenty of food to choose from as well. Check out their website for the full program and tickets.

6. International Women’s Day

On the 8th of March, it is very likely that you will come across demonstrations or public discussions addressing women’s rights in honor of International Women’s Day.

Of course, there are also private events such as talks, but you may need to browse around a bit to find one in English.

7. Tricky Women / Tricky Realities

Since 2001, the Tricky Women / Tricky Realities festival has been taking place every year around International Women’s Day. The festival focuses on animated films made by women and/or genderqueer artists.

The line-up is Austrian as well as international, making it a fairly accessible event for visitors. Check out their website for the full program.

8. Experience Viennese Coffee Culture

Vienna’s coffee houses offer the perfect refuge during a sudden burst of rain or snow. Viennese coffee culture dates back hundreds of years, making it a must to experience anyway.

A single cup of coffee can keep you in a cafe for HOURS in Vienna – so slow down and relax (and warm up your feet). There are dozens of cafes to choose from. Cafe Jelinek and Cafe Hawelka are two of my personal favorites.

Alternatively, you could also join a guided tour of the coffee houses in Vienna. That way, you’ll also get to learn more about their history and cultural impact. Check out this popular tour for example.

9. Wikam Art & Antiques Fair

Wikam organizes art and antiques fairs thrice a year. In March, the event is held in Palais Ferstl. The fair is perfect for serious art collectors but may be a bit much for a leisurely visit. Check out their website for more details.

10. Attend the Season Opening of Prater

Although Prater is open year-round, many attractions close during the winter. March 15 marks the official season opening of Prater when all of its 250 attractions open their doors again.

One of Vienna’s trademark sights is the Giant Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad) located at the start of the Prater. Nearly 65 meters tall, it offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city.

Entrance to the park is free as always, but do bring cash for the attractions and food stalls.

11. Skins Festival

Are you between 15 and 23 years old? Then Skins Festival is tailor-made for you. Meant to address topics that go under your skin, the festival is comprised primarily of performance art.

Please note that the majority of performances are expected to be in German. For more details, check out their official website.  

12. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Although it is a Catholic holiday, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t exactly huge in Vienna. Your go-to address on the 17th is, of course, any of the many Irish pubs in Vienna. Many offer live music and green beer, just as you’d expect.

Typically, there is also a St. Patrick’s Day parade, although it may not take place on the 17th. It starts at Schottenstift and cumulates at the Golden Harp pub.

13. Browse the Easter Markets for Souvenirs

You may have heard of Christmas markets in Vienna, but did you know that in spring there are also Easter markets? They typically open around two weeks before Easter (making their opening times somewhat variable).

In Austria, we decorate our homes with beautifully decorated eggs, often even made from glass, fabric, or ceramics. Keep an eye open for those around the markets!

Here is a list of Easter markets in Vienna:

  • Altwiener Ostermarkt auf der Freyung
  • Easter market ‘Am Hof’
  • Easter market at Schönbrunn Palace

14. Play Ruler at the Imperial Palaces

What would an imperial capital be without imposing palaces? Vienna certainly got them. A visit to these palaces is the perfect thing to do in Vienna in March as they are significantly less crowded than in the summer.

Plus, the gardens are finally enjoyable again! Reminding our tiny nation of its imperial past, they can take hours to explore in full. Put these two on your bucket list:

  • Schönbrunn Palace: Once the summer residence of the Habsburg family, this imposing palace is a must-see in Vienna. As it is a popular tourist destination, you may want to buy a skip-the-line ticket ahead of time.
  • Belvedere Palace: This opulent Baroque palace serves as one of Austria’s leading museums today. After all, it is home to Gustav Klimt’s famous Kiss. You can conveniently buy your ticket online.

15. Learn how to Make Viennese Wafers

Vienna is world-famous for its cakes and pastries. Many visitors also know the popular treat “Mannerschnitten” – thin wafers stacked and filled with chocolate cream.

Plain wafers may sound a bit understated, but they CAN shine on their own. At O.Sacher, a shop that has been around for more than 100 years, you can learn a bit about their history and learn how to make the wafers yourself.

16. Attend a Classical Concert

Vienna has long been described as the capital of music. Classical music, that is. Not too long ago, the city organized a full concert program leading up to Easter called “OsterKlang”.

As it is not taking place in 2023, you can still get a taste of it by attending one of the many classical concerts taking place in Vienna every week:

  • Mozart Concert at the Golden Hall: Enjoy the classic works of Mozart in one of Vienna’s finest concert halls. The costumes may seem a bit gimmicky, but they truly add something to the atmosphere. Overall, you can expect a fun evening. >>> Book now
  • Classic Ensemble Vienna in St. Peter’s Church: If you want a bit more variety, this concert offers interpretations of works by numerous composers, including Beethoven, Vivaldi, and Schubert. The setting in St. Peter’s Church provides the perfect atmosphere for a magical evening. >>> Book now

Pro Tip

The dress code for most of the concert venues in Austria is formal. While it is not enforced very strictly, it would be good to wear something that covers your shoulders, knees, and toes (for men and women alike).

17. Vienna Blues Spring

Did you know that the world’s longest Blues festival takes place in Vienna? For two months you can enjoy numerous Blues performances, especially in the iconic location “Der Reigen”.

Come to watch local as well as international artists. Check out their website for the full program and tickets.

18. Styrian Spring Festival at Rathausplatz

As a Graz native, I strongly recommend at least a day trip from Vienna to Styria, but if you are short on time and visiting in spring, you may as well get a taste of Styria at the Styrian Spring Festival.

Taking place at the end of March at city hall square, you can try Styrian delicacies, listen to Styrian folk music, and just take in the atmosphere. The stalls are open from 11 AM until late in the evening.

19. Mit Alles Food Festival

Do you enjoy gourmet food but not the stuffy atmosphere that tends to come with it? Then check out Mit Alles festival. Enjoy regional produce, wine, and more.

At 25 EUR for a day pass, tickets are rather pricy but, given the quality of exhibitors, well worth it. Check out their website for the full program and tickets.

Now, what do you think? What is your favorite time of the year to visit Vienna? What else is there to do in Vienna in March? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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