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7+ Hygge Christmas Markets in Copenhagen

If there is one thing I missed during our time in Finland, it was Christmas markets. Now, Christmas markets in Copenhagen still do not come close to those I used to visit in Austria, but I have to admit that Christmas markets in Copenhagen do have a certain charm. I have made it a mission to visit all of them before Christmas Eve. Mission impossible? We’ll see! One can never have too much gløgg or æbleskriver! Below we have compiled a list of all Christmas markets in Copenhagen for you! Oh, and of course you can find some food & drink recommendations at the end of this post as well 😉 Glædelig jul!

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7+ Christmas Markets in Copenhagen to Visit This Winter

The Christmas markets in Copenhagen generally start their season in late November. These markets are generally open until 2 or 3 days before Christmas Eve (with the exception of Tivoli which remains open until the end of the year).

Most of the markets in Copenhagen are open between 11:00 and 19:00. Some Christmas markets in Copenhagen are only open for a small number of days in December, such as the Carlsberg Christmas market or various specialty markets.

Specialty Christmas Markets in Copenhagen

Christmas ornaments for sale at the Copenhagen Christmas markets.

In addition to the big Christmas markets, there is also a number of neighborhood markets and special interest markets. Some of the most popular include Kødbyen Christmas Market in Vesterbro and Flids Christmas Market which specializes in crafts and design.

Others include specialized Christmas markets, such as ‘The Greenlandic Christmas Market’. These generally take place very early in December and don’t last longer than one or two days.

Your best bet is to search for ‘julemarked’ events on Facebook before you arrive. Here is a small selection of smaller Christmas markets in Copenhagen for 2019:

1. Nyhavn Christmas Market

Nyhavn Christmas market in Copenhagen

Number 1 on any list of Christmas markets in Copenhagen is the market a Nyhavn harbor. Already known for its colorful houses, Nyhavn shines in a new light during the Christmas season.

Stalls lead you from Kongens Nytorv all the way down the canal. Here you can buy traditional Danish Christmas ornaments, warm hats and gloves, and, of course, food.

The Christmas market in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn Christmas Market also offers the largest variety of gløgg stalls in Copenhagen and for only 30 DKK you can even keep the cute blue cup!

Another added advantage is that here you get to see Copenhagen’s famous Christmas heart decorations. Beware that this market can get very crowded in the evenings and weekends.

Open: 8 November – 23 December 2019
Address: Nyhavn, 1051 Copenhagen K

2. Christiania Christmas Market

Christiania Christmas market in Copenhagen

If you want to visit an entirely different kind of Christmas market in Copenhagen, why not pop over into the Freetown of Christiania? Known for its alternative touch, Christiania’s ideals easily translate into their unique Christmas market.

Here you will find one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments, paintings, ceramics, and more. All the stalls are manned by residents of Christiania which means your money will actually support real people.

Dream catchers on sale at the Christmas market in Christiania, Copenhagen

In the evenings, there is even live music and you can find great food here around the clock. This market can get very crowded and, in fact, only a limited amount of people is allowed inside at a time. So bring on your Christmas hygge while you’re waiting in line 😉

Open: 7/14/20 December 2019
Address: The Grey Hall, Refshalevej 2, 1432 Copenhagen K

3. Kongens Nytorv Christmas Market

The Christmas market at Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen

Smack in the city center, this is a Christmas market in Copenhagen you simply can’t miss. For me personally, this may very well be my favorite Christmas market in Copenhagen.

It has the largest number of stalls and a bit more variety in terms of food. You can get freshly smoked salmon, Polish sausages, or a traditionally Danish flæskesteg sandwich.

Hotel D'Angleterre in Copenhagen decorated for Christmas

While you’re there you also get to enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations on the buildings surrounding Kongens Nytorv, such as Magasin or Hotel D’Angleterre.

Open: 15 November – 22 December 2019
Address: 1050 Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen K

4. H.C. Andersen Christmas Market

H.C. Andersen Christmas market in Copenhagen

H.C. Andersen Christmas market in Copenhagen is named after every Dane’s favorite fairytale author. In his honor, families flock to this Christmas market for their very own fairytale.

The location of this Christmas market has changed frequently in the last years, but it is now located not far from city hall at Nytorv. One of my favorite stands at the market would, of course, be the Mikkeller Christmas beer truck which has no less than 8 Christmas beers on tap 😉

You can visit Santa Claus as the Christmas markets in Copenhagen
Mikkeller beer on tap at a Christmas market in Copenhagen

Although this year the ever-popular Ferris wheel and carousel have not been set up, strolling through the market is still fun. Especially if you happen to bump into Santa who can be found warming up at ‘Arlis skihytte’ 😉

Open: 15 November – 21 December 2019
Address: Nytorv, 1450 Copenhagen K

5. Højbro Plads Christmas Market

Hojbro Christmas market in Copenhagen

Also known as Deutsch’s Christmas Market, this Christmas market has been organized in close cooperation with the City of Copenhagen. Located at the heart of shopping street Strøget, this Christmas market in Copenhagen is hard to miss.

What stands out about it is its international flair. You can buy anything from German sausages to Dutch stroopwafels and French Nougat.

Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen decorated for Christmas

While you’re here, don’t forget to pop into Illum’s Bolighus to feast your eyes on some of the city’s most opulent Christmas decorations.

Open: 15 November – 22 December 2019
Address: Højbro Plads, 1200 Copenhagen K

6. Carlsberg Christmas Market

Carlsberg Christmas market in Copenhagen

And now for something different… a Christmas market at a brewery? Because why the heck not. Carlsberg Brewery hosts a small but cozy Christmas market on every weekend leading up to Christmas.

Here you can, of course, try some of the Jacobsen Christmas beer, but you can also buy some Christmas gifts. My favorite stall would have to be the Almuegaarden candy stall, but I’ll let you decide for yourself!

Candy on sale at Carlsberg Christmas market in Copenhagen

While you’re here, you can also take a peek into the stables and pay a visit to the beautiful Jutland horses. And why not have a delicious snack while you’re here? There is a handful of food trucks located on the premises so you won’t have to go hungry.

Open: Carlsberg Visitor Center is closed in 2019. The Christmas market is not taking place this year due to renovation.
Address: Visit Carlsberg, Gamle Carlsbergvej 11, 1699 Copenhagen V

7. Tivoli Christmas Market

Tivoli Christmas market in Copenhagen

If you are looking for a fairytale Christmas market in Copenhagen, don’t look any further than Tivoli. During the park’s Christmas season, you can visit this little village full of cozy Christmas shops.

Here you can buy anything from Christmas ornaments to candied almonds. Not far from the market you can also find Santa’s House which is well worth a visit, especially if you’re traveling with children.

Tivoli in Copenhagen decorated for Christmas

The Christmas market in Tivoli Gardens is a bit of a special case as you will have to pay an entrance fee of 120 KR. But believe me, when I tell you, it’s worth every cent! Tivoli goes all out for Christmas season and is easily my top pick Christmas market in Copenhagen!

Open: 16 November 2019 – 5 January 2020
Address: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V

Extra Tip: Christmas Markets in Roskilde & at Kronborg Castle

Glogg is one of the things you have to try at the Copenhagen Christmas markets

While you go and follow in Hamlet’s footsteps, you may as well visit the Christmas market taking place at Kronborg Castle in Helsingør. There is plenty of activities such as theater, songs, and storytelling for the younger members of your family. Read more about visiting Kronborg Castle here.

Alternatively, you can also visit the Christmas Market at Stændertorvet in Roskilde for a Christmas market off the beaten track!

What to Eat at the Christmas Markets in Copenhagen

Nothing says Christmas more than a good plate of food. Thankfully, you won’t have to go hungry during your visit to the Christmas markets in Copenhagen. There are plenty of snacks and drinks to be had. 

Most of the food available at the markets during Christmas is traditional Danish Christmas foods. For example, you can’t very well leave without trying some risengrød or æbleskiver. Risengrød is a traditional Danish rice pudding, often flavored with cinnamon.

During Christmas, it is mixed with cream and almonds to make the famous risalamande. Æbleskiver on the other hand, are spherical pancakes generally served with powdered sugar and a bit of jam. A small portion should cost about 35 DKK.

Aebleskiver are one of the snacks you can try at the Copenhagen Christmas markets
Rice porridge on sale at the Copenhagen Christmas markets

Apart from that, you can also get yourself a savory snack, such as a stick of spiralized potatoes, or perhaps something heartier in the shape of a flæskesteg sandwich. This sandwich is filled with pork belly roast and will certainly get you through the coldest of winters.

Potato sticks are a common snack at the Copenhagen Christmas markets
Try a flaeskesteg sandwich at the Christmas markets in Copenhagen!

Finally, no visit to the Copenhagen Christmas markets can be complete without a cup of gløgg. Gløgg is a kind of mulled wine, similar to Glühwein. Along with the wine, you are also served a mix of raisins and almonds.

Gløgg is served either in a to-go cup or in a ceramic cup which you can keep. A cup of gløgg usually costs around 35-50 DKK and if you want to have a ceramic cup to keep, it will cost you another 30 DKK.

Enjoy a cup of mulled wine at the Christmas markets in Copenhagen!

Now, what do you think? Which is your favorite Christmas market in Copenhagen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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  1. These all look amazing. We have just 1 week in Denmark leading up to Christmas and are debating whether to stay in Copenhagen or Aarhus (as we don’t want to feel rushed, and just want to focus on one location rather than darting between the 2 locations since they’re 4 hrs apart). If you had to choose, which would be the more magical Christmas experience?

    1. Hi Kirsten!

      If you have a week, I would personally recommend that you go with Copenhagen. There is plenty to see and many Christmassy things to check out 🙂 Doesn’t get much more magical than Tivoli during Christmas season!


  2. Gosh, these look incredible! Thanks for completing the mission for us 🙂
    Hope to finally get there one day… just so far from Aus!

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