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Why You Should Visit Copenhagen in March & Things to Do

March is the month when the days are finally getting noticeably longer and the temperatures tend to stay in the positives. While spring is still a long way off, March can certainly be a pleasant time to visit. Not to mention there is also plenty of things to do in Copenhagen in March. Below we have compiled some of our favorites as well as a couple of practical tips.

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Copenhagen Weather in March

Being on the cusp of spring, the weather in March can be unpredictable in Copenhagen. In general, temperatures don’t fall below 0 C but also don’t usually exceed 5 C. In recent years, spring has come earlier, however, which means you may expect days with about 10 C.

On the other hand, sudden cold snaps are also possible. Mostly you should prepare yourself for wind and rain. The weather remains mostly overcast in Copenhagen in March with about 50% of a chance for rain.

What to Wear in Copenhagen in March

The key to dressing for Copenhagen’s unpredictable weather is: layer, layer, layer. As it can get quite warm on some days you may want to pack t-shirts or blouses. To be prepared for cold weather, you should also have a few thing sweaters or cardigans on hand.

Gloves, a scarf, and a hat should also be in your suitcase, just in case. A normal jacket or light winter coat will do along with a pair of regular walking shoes or light boots. If possible, I recommend that you wear waterproof outerwear just because it will keep you dry for a little bit longer.

Practical Information for Visiting Copenhagen in March

One of the advantages of coming to Copenhagen in March is that there are no public holidays. That means that all shops and tourist attractions are opened throughout the month without any major restrictions. An exception, of course, is a couple of attractions that are closed throughout the winter.

Good to Know

As you are planning your trip to Copenhagen, please be aware that the following attractions are closed in Winter. Other attractions may also be temporarily closed due to weather. Copenhagen attractions closed during winter:

  • Tivoli Gardens (reopens April)
  • Bakken Amusement Park (reopens mid-April)
  • Tower of Church of Our Saviour (reopens late February)
  • Reffen Street Food (reopens mid to late-March)
  • The Bridge Street Kitchen (reopens April)
  • Cisterns (reopens mid-March)

To make the most of your short time in Copenhagen, I would recommend that you take advantage of the lower hotel prices and book yourself something centrally located. Although we do have a list of the best hotels in Copenhagen for all budgets, some of my recommendations are:

Best Things to Do in Copenhagen in March

Below are some of our recommendations of the best things to do in March. Of course, there are plenty of things to do in Copenhagen around the year, so why don’t you check out some of our other Copenhagen travel guides as well? 🙂

Danish Coffee Festival

01-03 March 2019 |

Do you LOVE coffee? Then the Danish Coffee Festival just may be the right place for you to go in Copenhagen in March. Mostly held to find the best Danish baristas, the festival has also attracted a number of laymen throughout the last years. Included in the ticket price is all the coffee you can possibly drink.

So far, 15 different coffee roasteries have confirmed their attendance, so there sure is plenty to choose from. The amazing people for 108 (a Michelin-starred restaurant) will have a pop-up cafe selling some of their popular creations. Day tickets are available for 50 DKK.

Public Rehearsal of The Royal Danish Ballet

02 March 2019 |

Have you ever been curious about what goes into a ballet production? This spring, the Royal Danish Ballet opens its door to the public twice. The first open rehearsal takes place on the main stage for the production of Cinderella. Admission is free according to the ‘first come first serve’ principle, so it’s a good idea to come early.

Free Ice Cream at Paradis Østerbro/Trianglen

02 March 2019 |

Paradis kicks off ice cream season with free ice cream at their outlet in Østerbro. Go get your scoop between 11:00 and 14:00!

Shrove Tuesday

05 March 2019

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Fastelavn in Danish, is one of the most curious Danish holidays. Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday marks the last day before the fasting period of Lent. It’s particularly interesting because it is mostly celebrated in Catholic areas but also developed a distinct tradition in protestant Denmark.

Fastelavnsboller are one of the things you must try if you visit Copenhagen in March.

In Denmark, Fastelavn is best known for the practice of ‘cat-bashing’ where kids hit a barrel until it breaks and candy spills out (very much like a pinata). Back in the day, there was a cat in the barrel which, once released, ran away and took the evil spirits with it.

Apart from that, Danes also stuff themselves on the traditional Fastelavnsbolle, a sweet pastry filled with cream. You can read more about the Danish Fastelavn traditions here.  

Fastelavn is mostly an intimate affair. Often events for kids are organized in the neighborhood. But of course, Copenhagen also has its shares of Fastelavn parties. You can find the closest to you by browsing through events on Facebook.

Chocolate Festival

09-10 March 2019 |

If you got a sweet tooth, the Copenhagen chocolate festival is definitely for you. Attracting dozens of exhibitors from Denmark and abroad, the festival is popular among locals with a taste for cocoa. The program includes lectures, tastings, workshops, and more.

Naturally, it is the perfect opportunity to find your very favorite flavor. Plus, a box of Danish chocolates makes the perfect souvenir from Copenhagen (although we do have 28 more recommendations here as well).

You can buy tickets online for 140 DKK or online for 160 DKK. The tickets come with 6 tasting tokens which should very much cover you for the day.

Little Culture Night

15 March 2019 |

The Little Culture Night is one of the best things to do with kids in Copenhagen in March.
Credit: Maria Sattrup / Sattrup & Autumn

Although Culture Night has been taking place in Copenhagen since 1993, 2019 sees the first installment of a Little Culture Night. On this day, the whole city becomes an immersive cultural experience. Museums stay open late and galleries put on special exhibitions.

More importantly, you get to experience a side of Copenhagen you wouldn’t otherwise see. The Little Culture Night is geared primarily towards children with special activities throughout the city.

In order to participate, you need to buy a bracelet for 85 DKK at 7Eleven. It includes up to 4 children under 12 free of charge. Be sure to check out the official website for the program.

St. Patrick’s Day

17 March 2019 |

‘Everbody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day’ has been the motto of Copenhageners in March since 2005. Of course, nothing can compare to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, but Denmark makes a good effort.

You will find an event tent on City Hall Square where you can buy Irish whisky, Irish coffee, and more throughout the whole afternoon. Traditional Irish dance performances also take place before the big event, the St. Patrick’s Day parade at 17:00.


20-31 March 2019 |

Initiated in 2003, CPH:DOX is Denmark’s leading film festival today. It features both major international directors as well as new breaking talent alike. It is particularly known for its ‘artsy’ touch, blurring the boundaries between film, television, and other visual arts.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg is the epicenter of activities, although lectures and workshops take place all over Copenhagen. This year will also see a number of virtual reality pieces.  

Tickets for a single screening cost 90 DKK or 450 DKK for 6 screenings.

Copenhagen Vintage

31 March 2019 |

Copenhagen Vintage is one of the biggest flea markets in Copenhagen. It focuses particularly on vintage pieces from 1920-1979. Apart from unique vintage clothes you can also find interior design pieces to spruce up your home. You can buy tickets for 75 DKK at the door.

Looking for Something Else?

There are several business and establishments that open their doors to visitors semi-regularly. Below you can find a small selection of our favorites:

Roastery Tour and Coffee Tasting @ The Coffee Collective
Every first Friday of the month ✕ 150 DKK

Beer Tasting and Beer Presentation @ Nørrebro Bryghus
Every last Saturday of the month ✕ 145 DKK

Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting @ Brewpub
Every Monday of the month ✕ 115 DKK

Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting @ BRUS
Every last Saturday of the month ✕ 245 DKK

Danish Beer Tasting @ cph downtown hostel
Every first Friday of the month ✕ 100 DKK

Tea Wonderland by Petri
Every Saturday ✕ 325 DKK

Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire @ Nimb
Every second Sunday of the month ✕ 695 DKK

Friday Oyster Bar @ Radisson Collection Royal
Every Friday

Now, what do you think? What is your favorite time of the year to visit Copenhagen? What else is there to do in Copenhagen in March? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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