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Copenhagen Neighborhood Guide

Considering that Copenhagen is a relatively small capital city, it is interesting to see how diverse neighborhoods in Copenhagen really are. Whether you are looking for hipster funk, city villas, or anything in between… Copenhagen has it all. That’s why we thought we would write a quick guide to neighborhoods in Copenhagen and where to stay in Copenhagen (for both, tourists and new arrivals 😉). Let’s get to it, shall we?

Copenhagen Neighborhoods

– Indre By
– Christianshavn
– Vesterbro
– Nørrebro
– Østerbro
– Frederiksberg
– Amagerbro

In some very general terms, Copenhagen is split into 5 districts: Copenhagen K (Indre By), Copenhagen V (Vesterbro), Copenhagen N (Norrebro), Copenhagen Ø (Osterbro), and Copenhagen S (Amagerbro). In addition, Copenhageners often refer to the neighborhoods of Kødby, Christianshavn and Islands Brygge. Frederiksberg, although often considered a part of Copenhagen, is actually its own municipality.

What is a BRO?

You may have noticed that many areas in Copenhagen end in ‘-bro’. In Danish, bro literally means bridge. Back in the day, the city outskirts were connected to the inner city via bridges and gates after which now entire neighborhoods are named.

* Only staying for a short while? Our walking tour will take you through Frederiksberg, Vesterbro, Indre By, and Christianshavn! *

Indre By: Tourist Magnet

Most travelers arriving in Copenhagen will not stray far from Copenhagen’s city center, Indre By. And in fact, most of the city’s attractions are located in the area. Real estate prices in the area are very high as residents make space for Airbnb’s and hotels. If you are coming for a short stay, it is probably a good idea to stay in this are so all major sights will be within walking distance.

Indre By Highlights
– Tivoli Gardens
– Rundetaarn
– Rosenborg Castle
– The Little Mermaid
– Amalienborg Palace

neighborhoods in copenhagen indre by

Hotels in Indre By

Splurge: Nobis Hotel Copenhagen
Mid-Range: Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade
Budget: Hotel Windsor

Christianshavn: Canals

Although technically a part of Indre By, most Copenhageners consider Christianshavn to be its own entity. Christianshavn is located on a series of artificial islands which were once part of a fortification project by King Christian IV. It was heavily inspired by Dutch merchant towns, and much of this influence can be seen in the canals of Christianshavn today. Although the area is mostly residential, it’s still worth a visit to just hang out and relax by the water.

Christianshavn Highlights
– Christiania (alternative community)
– Noma (supposedly the best restaurant in the world)

neighborhoods in copenhagen christianshavn

Vesterbro: Hipster Paradise

Vesterbro translates to Western Bridge in English and is a district in Copenhagen west of the Inner City. Once known as a rather seedy area, home to prostitution and drug trafficking, Vesterbro today is a hipster’s paradise. Brimming with bars, cafes, and cool boutiques, it is attracting more and more visitors every year.

Vesterbro Highlights
– Absalon (famous for its communal dinners)
– Istedgade
– Carlsberg Brewery
– Kødby (Meat Packing District)

copenhagen neighborhoods vesterbro

Hotels in Vesterbro

Splurge: Urban House Copenhagen
Mid-Range: Comfort Hotel Vesterbro
Splurge: Copenhagen Island Hotel

Nørrebro: Melting Pot

Well, every city has its melting pot, and Nørrebro is to Copenhagen what Queens is to NYC. The district’s main road, Nørrebrogade, reflects its residents in Turkish barber shops, African supermarkets, and Thai massage salons. It is probably one of the city’s most underrated areas. In fact, there is only one hotel in Nørrebro, but real estate prices remain relatively low by Copenhagen standards.

Nørrebro Highlights
– Superkilen Park (an Instagramer’s paradise)
– Nørrebrogade
– Assistens Kirkegård (calm and beautiful cemetery)

copenhagen neighborhoods norrebro

Hotels in Nørrebro

Budget: A&O Copenhagen Nørrebro
Mid-Range: M18
Splurge: Hotel Nora

Østerbro: Family Haven

Throughout its history, Østerbro towards the North-East of Indre By has been a rather wealthy area. To this day it remains an affluent and mostly residential city district. Not many visitors venture into Østerbro. I often think it feels almost like a completely different city, so far away from the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen.

Østerbro Highlights
– Fælledparken

Hotels in Østerbro

Mid-Range: Rye 115
Splurge: Hotel Østerport

neighborhoods in copenhagen osterbro

Frederiksberg: Posh Getaway

Okay, okay. Frederiksberg is not technically a district of Copenhagen as it is its own municipality. However, most people living in Denmark find it impossible to separate Frederiksberg from Copenhagen. It is my personal favorite hang-out spot in Copenhagen as it is simply beautiful. Much like Østerbro, Frederiksberg’s residents are mostly upper middle class, befitting Frederiksberg’s beautiful architecture and leafy allees.

Frederiksberg Highlights
– Frederiksberg Palace & Gardens
– Copenhagen Zoo
– Frederiksberg Allé

copenhagen neighborhoods frederiksberg

Hotels in Frederiksberg

Mid-Range: Hotel Sct. Thomas

Amager: Futuristic Chic

Amagerbro isn’t technically a district, but rather an area encompassing several districts of Copenhagen located on the island of Amager (Vestamager, Sundbyvester, Sundbyøster). Once purely agricultural land is now being developed into modern and push residential areas. Some of the city’s biggest hotels are located on Amager (due to its proximity to Copenhagen Airport) and real estate prices are slowly but steadily rising, particularly in the neighborhood of Islands Brygge.

Amagerbro Highlights
– Amager Strandpark
– The Blue Planet

Hotels in Amager

Splurge: Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers
Mid-Range: Bella Sky
Budget: Cabinn Metro

copenhagen neighborhoods amager

Outer Districts of Copenhagen

Some of the outer districts of Copenhagen include Kongens Enghave, Valby, and Vanløse. While they do not have much touristic value, they can make great spots for people looking for a cheap apartment in Copenhagen.

neighborhoods in copenhagen

Copenhagen Areas to Avoid

I will start this last part of our article by saying that Copenhagen is one of the safest cities in Europe and visitors have nothing to fear in Copenhagen. However, if you are an anxious traveler, you may want to avoid certain areas of Copenhagen in the evenings. Throughout 2017 the city of Copenhagen struggled with emerging gang violence, in particular in Copenhagen N. Due to this stop-and-search zones were set up by the police throughout the late summer. The visitation zones have since been lifted, however, police presence remains in the areas. Again, most likely nothing will happen to you even if you’re in the area during the night, but if you are really concerned, avoid the areas North and East of Nørrebro Station (i.e. Bispebjerg, Bronshoj, Husum).

Other areas which may seem seedy, especially to families visiting Copenhagen, are Istedgade in Vesterbro, just off the central station (Copenhagen Red Light District) as well as Christiania. Both are popular tourist spots during the day but may seem a little shady during the night.

Now, what do you think? Which is your favorite area in Copenhagen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Let’s stay in touch!

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6 thoughts on “Copenhagen Neighborhood Guide”

  1. ‘Bro’ does mean bridge, but in relation to Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Østerbro it doesn’t. Here the reference is to BROsten, og cobble stones. These three areas had cobbled streets, whereas further out of town the roads and streets were not paved…

    1. Hi Hugh.
      It’s actually literally related to “bro”, meaning bridge, and nothing to do with cobbled streets.

      Nørrebro – North of the bridge, Østerbro – East of the bridge, Vetserbro – West of the bridge. If you look at the map, you can see this is the case geographically, and if you’ve been to the city, you will find you are able to find cobbled streets in many other neighborhoods not ending in “-bro”.

      Have a nice day.

  2. Copenhagen has way more neighbourhoods than the Inês mentioned in this blogpost! Especially Sydhavn, Nordhavn, Vanløse, and Valby are worth a visit, while neighbourhoods like Nordvest, Brønshøj, and Husum can be a bit unsafe at night.

    1. Indeed 🙂 We’re currently working on an update for this article which will include the areas you mentioned as well as others!

  3. We stayed right beside Rosenborg Castle when we were in Copenhagen and I loved our location and how easy it was to walk to everything, but man was it expensive! Next time, I’d definitely try to stay somewhere a little more budget-friendly!

  4. I can’t believe I live in Norway and haven’t visited Copenhagen yet! Planning on changing that this year, so this post was super helpful 🙂 Good to know there are other great places to stay as Indre By is so expensive!

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