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Copenhagen Street Art: Where to Find the Prettiest Murals

Although street art in Copenhagen is not as established as in other cities, such as Berlin, London, or New York, a street art scene is certainly emerging in Copenhagen. If you want to go for a hunt of the best murals in Copenhagen, be sure to read on and download our free map of the most beautiful pieces.

Street Art in Copenhagen

Although graffiti is omnipresent in Copenhagen (including the trains, which Mihir used to note a lot in the beginning), street art is something entirely different. Street art in Copenhagen usually covers an entire side of a building in an artistic manner and adds significant value to the neighborhood. It has even been used as a tool for the gentrification of poorer neighborhoods in the city. Street art is also used to cover unsightly construction sites, like at the current construction site at Kongens Nytorv.

Where to Find the Best Street Art in Copenhagen

Street art can be found all over Copenhagen, although a higher concentration can be found in the districts of Vesterbro and Nørrebro. They are often tucked away and easily missed if one isn’t careful. At the bottom you will find a map with the exact locations of the murals. But for those who want to hunt for themselves, we have also just indicated the street name.

1. Sofiegade

Finding modern street art in one of the oldest parts of Copenhagen may sound contradictory. Still, on Sofiegade in Christianshavn, you will find a small but beautiful mural. It depicts some of Copenhagen’s most iconic buildings as well as an eclectic mix of animals.

2. Oehlenschlægersgade

An example of Copenhagen Street Art on Oehlenschlægersgade.

On Oehlenschlægersgade you will find one of the city’s most iconic pieces, a mural by famous street artist DALeast. Famous for his etching-like style, this Chinese-born artist has left his mark on Copenhagen in the form of a beautiful bird. The tagline “I’m gay” was added later by an unknown artist.

3. Sankelmarksgade

An example of Copenhagen Street Art on Sankelmarksgade.

This particular piece on Sankelmarksgade has been around since 1991. Designed by Tanzanian artist Hashim Bushiri Mruta, it was created during the Images of Africa Festival. It depicts various African animals in a distinct artistic style known as Tingatinga.

4. Saxogade

An example of Copenhagen Street Art on Saxogade.

Brooklyn artist Maya Hayuk is behind one of my favorite street art pieces in Copenhagen. The mural features a graphic design in very bright colors. Still, there is another layer to this painting as it almost looks weathered. Although you may think the mural has deteriorated over time, this is actually the way the artist envisioned it.

5. Westend

An example of Copenhagen Street Art at Westend.

Westend in Vesterbro holds a special place in Copenhagen’s street art scene. This walkway is actually the home of an ever-changing art gallery. The murals in this location change frequently and you can never be guaranteed to see the same painting twice. During our first visit, it featured a dynamic piece by Spanish artist Malakkai.

6. Værnedamsvej

An example of Copenhagen Street Art on Værnedamsvej.

We actually stumbled upon this piece rather by accident, looking for another painting. This mural is actually a part of a series of murals commissioned by the homeowners association in Frederiksberg. They are dedicated to one of Denmark’s leading cartoonists, Storm P.

7. Tullinsgade

An example of Copenhagen Street Art on Tullinsgade.

One of the most famous murals in Copenhagen was created by Danish street artist Husk Mit Navn. It depicts a father-son duo. Unmissable, it is located above Hotel Central, the smallest hotel in Copenhagen and one of Copenhagen’s secret spots.

8. Stefansgade

An example of Copenhagen Street Art on Stefansgade.

This mural by Danish artist Dea Trier Mørch has been located on Stefansgade since 1998. It depicts lines from a poem by Inger Christensen, titled ‘abrikostræerne findes’. The poem is widely open to interpretation but seems fitting for its ever-changing surroundings.

9. Nordbanegade

An example of Copenhagen Street Art on Nordbanegade.

This mural by artist Eske Kath looks like a natural extension of its surroundings. Depicting wild plants and flowers, it ties in perfectly with the gardens below.

10. Odinsgade

An example of Copenhagen Street Art on Odinsgade.

This mural entitled “The Great Escape” is the work of Copenhagen street art collective Copenhagen Cruise. It depicts a girl flying over the city, aided by a handful of balloons. It’s set perfectly, towering over a neighborhood playground.

11. BaNanna Park

An example of Copenhagen Street Art in BaNanna Park.

This hidden gem in Copenhagen is home to a series of murals by well-known street artists. Many of them belong to the aforementioned Copenhagen Cruise collective. The stand-out piece in the park is a mural signed by Chr. Hansen. The impressive painting titled “Yggdrasil” took 14 days to complete.

12. Bragesgade

An example of Copenhagen Street Art on Bragesgade.

This painting by Basco5 dates back to 2010. It depicts two men(?) with their thumbs up. The cartoon-like style is a perfect fit for a district like Nørrebro.

13. Den Røde Plads

An example of Copenhagen Street Art at Superkilen.

Although not our favorite mural in Copenhagen, this painting on the Red Square in Nørrebro represents the neighborhood perfectly; Edgy, tough, and colorful. It was originally created as an ad for the brand Mountain Dew, although the writing below clearly indicates the sentiment of the people of Nørrebro: ‘We hate ads’.

14. Rentemestervej

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 5px”] This mural can be found on Rentemestervej in Copenhagen. This mural can be found on Rentemestervej in Copenhagen. This mural can be found on Rentemestervej in Copenhagen.[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 5px 0 5px”] This mural can be found on Rentemestervej in Copenhagen. This mural can be found on Rentemestervej in Copenhagen.[/one_half_last]

This street is without a doubt the best place to see street art in Copenhagen. As of today, the 1400 meter long street is home to a total of 8(!) beautiful murals. Not only have most of the murals been created by the biggest street art names in Denmark, they are also stunning. Additionally, they have brought new life to an area that had been in decline. While you are visiting, check out the neighborhood restaurant for delicious food and coffee!

Copenhagen Street Art Map

Now, what do you think? Is there a mural we are missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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  2. There’s a very cute monkey on the corner of Brysselsgade and Reberbanegade, across from Amagercentret.
    It might have been painted in 2014, and the only signature I can find, says Copenhagen Cruise.
    It’s painted on a small shed and has two sides.

  3. hi Jacky and Mihir
    Thanks for your great infos. Just want to let you know that the 8 murals in Rentemestervej/Møntmestervej in the neighbourhood Nordvest have doubled to 16! 8 more have been painted and the entire project was celebrated and opened in October 2019. They are amazing. Check them out at the site of the curator here

    1. Dear Giamba,
      Thank you for your comment. That’s certainly disappointing. Do you remember which ones in particular have been removed so we can update the article accordingly? 🙂


    2. Hopefully some more new have been created (expeciali around Christinia i guess)… StreetArt is a true Gift, let’s do the childen teatch’it to their parents !!

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