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Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Complete Guide With Map

Naturally, as the “eternal city”, Rome has inspired numerous filmmakers. However, hardly any movie set in Rome has captured our hearts quite as “Roman Holiday”. Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, this 1953 movie is the perfect unofficial guide to seeing the city. Below find the complete list of Roman Holiday filming locations, complete with tips for recreating the iconic scenes.

PS: This may be needless to say, but this post obviously contains spoilers.

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Roman Holiday Filming Locations in Rome

The filming locations of Roman Holiday may be found all over Rome, but are pretty easily accessible by public transport and can all be seen within a day.

Most of them are also famous landmarks which means you can easily combine these Roman Holiday filming locations with your general sightseeing.

Here is the complete list of Roman Holiday filming locations in Rome:

  1. Mouth of Truth (Bocca della Verità)
  2. Caffè Rocca & Pantheon
  3. Castel Sant’Angelo
  4. Trevi Fountain
  5. Piazza Venezia
  6. Spanish Steps
  7. Colosseum
  8. Forum Romanum
  9. Via Margutta
  10. Palazzo Colonna
  11. Palazzo Barberini
  12. Galleria Alberto Sordi
  13. Forum Boarium
  14. Palazzo Brancaccio
  15. Wall of Wishes
  16. More locations

1. Mouth of Truth (Bocca della Verità)

The mouth of truth is a carved slab of marble found at Santa Maria in Cosmedin church. Most likely, it depicts the face of the sea titan god Oceanus.

It has long been used as a decorative ornament, but its origins are still a matter of speculation. It may have been an ancient drain gutter or been used to drain the blood of sacrificed cattle. 

In any case, the Mouth of Truth today is mostly known for a medieval legend associated with it. It says that any liar placing their hand in its mouth will get their hand bitten off.

It may also bite off the hand of anyone who tells a lie while placing the hand in its mouth. Today, it is a very popular tourist attraction.

Roman Holiday Scenes at the Mouth of Truth

Roman Holiday Filming Locations
© Paramount Pictures

The Mouth of Truth features in what is probably one of the most recognizable scenes from Roman Holiday. Joe tempts Ann to enter her hand into the Mouth of Truth. As she hesitates, Joe goes first and pretends to have his hand bitten off. Hilarity ensues.

Time Stamps
01:18:27 Ann, Joe, and Irving arrive at the Mouth of Truth.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Man putting his hand in the Mouth of Truth in Rome, Italy

The Mouth of Truth is very easily accessible, which, of course, makes it a double-edged sword. It is fairly easy to recreate the scenes there, but due to its popularity, you most likely won’t be the only one.

The church at which the Mouth of Truth is located, Santa María in Cosmedin, is generally open between 09:30 and 17:30. Entrance to the church and access to the Mouth of Truth is free.

However, you can make a voluntary donation to the upkeep of the church. We would recommend coming early or planning in a little bit of time because there may be a queue.

The good news is, you are still allowed to insert your hand into the Mouth of Truth and let it decide whether you are a liar or not 😉

2. Caffè Rocca & Pantheon

Roman Holiday Scenes at the Pantheon

Roman Holiday Filming Locations in Rome - Caffe Rocca & the Pantheon
© Paramount Pictures

Joe fulfills Ann’s first wish of sitting at a sidewalk cafe by taking her to Caffe Rocca, located just next to the Pantheon. They can be seen enjoying food and drink as Irving appears and clumsy introductions ensue.

Irving and Joe later go inside the cafe where they devise a clever plan on how to get the inside scoop on Ann.

Time Stamps

01:05:21 Joe and Ann sit down at Caffè Rocca.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Caffe Rocca & the Pantheon in Rome

While you can visit the Pantheon and walk the square and streets around it, Caffè Rocca, unfortunately, doesn’t exist anymore. Today the space is occupied by a fashion retailer.

3. Castel Sant’Angelo

Originally built in AD 135–139 as a tomb for Emperor Hadrian, Castel Sant’Angelo has since served as a place of residence, a prison, a court, military barracks, and a fortress.

It is one of Rome’s most iconic landmarks and has been featured in numerous movies as well.

Roman Holiday Scenes at Castel Sant’Angelo

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Castel Sant Angelo
© Paramount Pictures

Ann and Joe arrive at Sant’Angelo in the evening after a long day of sightseeing. They dance a bit before they are recognized by two plain-clothes on the lookout for the princess.

Ann then dances with the barber who had invited her until more plain-clothes arrive at the scene. Joe and Ann manage to escape through the Tiber River.

Time Stamps
01:22:20 Joe and Ann arrive at the barges in front of Sant’Angelo.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Castel Sant Angelo in Rome

While Castel Sant’Angelo of course still stands, sadly, the barges are a matter of the past. There is no reasonable way to recreate the scenes.

However, you can climb down to the riverbank and see the castle from the same angle as the characters in the movie.

4. Trevi Fountain

Nothing says Rome like the Trevi Fountain. Ingeniously grafted onto the back of Palazzo Poli, the Trevi Fountain was designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and completed in the elegant Rococo style in 1762.

One of the fun things to do in Rome is to take part in the obligatory coin toss ritual at the Trevi Fountain. Legend has it that if toss a coin over your left shoulder (with your back to the Trevi Fountain), you’re guaranteed to return to Rome!

Roman Holiday Scenes at Trevi Fountain

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Trevi Fountain in Rome
© Paramount Pictures

Ann stumbles upon the famous fountain by accident after leaving Joe’s apartment. She merely passes it before stopping at a barbershop.

While she is inside, Joe can be seen trying to “borrow” a camera from a schoolgirl before being caught by her teacher.

Time Stamps
00:56:42 Ann and Joe arrive at the Trevi Fountain.
01:01:12 Ann comes out of the barbershop.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: The iconic Trevi Fountain in Rome

The Trevi Fountain is free to visit 24/7. Go before sunrise to avoid the crowds. The Trevi Fountain is best viewed in the evening when the fountain is beautifully lit (though you’ll likely have difficulty getting a crowd-free photo). To get the fountain to yourself, it’s best to arrive around sunrise.

The barbershop where Ann is seen getting a fresh hairdo was once located at Via della Stampiera 85. Today, it is a leather goods store.

5. Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia is one of Rome’s biggest and most important squares. It is located at the foot of Capitoline Hill and is easy to find due to the Alter of the Fatherland, part of the massive Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II. 

Roman Holiday Scenes at Piazza Venezia

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Piazza Venezia
© Paramount Pictures

Piazza Venezia and its surroundings can be seen in a few shots in the movie. The Altar of the Fatherland features most prominently after the visit to the Colosseum.

Joe and Ann then briefly stop at Piazza Venezia (next to Palazzo Bonaparte) before Ann takes off on the Vespa by herself. Joe catches up to her and they appear to be riding down Via del Plebescito, passing Chiesa del Gesù, while Irving follows them in a car.

They drive on several streets in the vicinity of Piazza Venezia. The small roundabout that is shown several times appears to have been located around Largo di Torre Argentina. Finally, they get chased by the police past Cordonata Capitolina.

Time Stamps
01:13:33 Cordonata Capitolina and the Altar of the Fatherland can be seen in the background.
01:14:50 Joe and ann pass the Alter of the Fatherland on a Vespa.
01:15:44 Joe and Ann pass Chiesa del Gesù on a Vespa.
01:16:07 Joe and Ann pass Largo di Torre Argentina on a Vespa.
01:16:15 Joe and Ann pass Piazza di San Marco on a Vespa.
01:16:25 Joe and Ann pass Cordonata Capitolina and the Altar of the Fatherland on a Vespa.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Piazza Venezia and the Altar of the Fatherland Monument

Piazza Venezia and its surrounding streets are still open to traffic. You can easily rent a Vespa and recreate the scenes around the area. Just be careful, traffic is fairly heavy.

6. Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are one of Rome’s most iconic landmarks. French diplomat Étienne Gueffier financed their construction as a means to connect the Trinità dei Monti Church with the Spanish Square (Piazza di Spagna) below.

Roman Holiday Scenes at the Spanish Steps

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: The Spanish Steps
© Paramount Pictures

After Ann’s visit to the barber, we see her admiring her reflection in a shop window as the camera pans up to reveal the Spanish steps.

We can see Ann cross Piazza di Spagna before buying herself some gelato at the foot of the steps.

Time Stamps
01:01:29 Ann and Joe arrive at the Spanish Steps.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: The famous Spanish Steps in Rome at dawn

In reality, of course, the Spanish Steps are separated from Trevi Fountain by a greater distance than it appears in the movie. Still, they can easily be reached on foot. The first view of the Spanish Steps as seen in the movie can be seen from Via dei Condotti.

Recreating the rest of the scenes at the Spanish Steps is a bit tricky. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to sit on the steps anymore.

The Spanish Steps are one of the busiest attractions in all of Rome. In order to at least get a picture of you standing on the steps without hundreds of tourists in the background, you need to arrive shortly after sunrise.

The drawback then, of course, is that there are no vendors around to sell you ice cream or flowers at that time.

7. Colosseum

Possibly the most recognizable symbol of ancient Rome, the Colosseum is a sight to behold and requires no introduction.

Commissioned by Emperor Vespasian in 72 AD and funded by spoils of war, the biggest amphitheater ever built held numerous mock naval battles, animal hunts, and gladiator combats for half a millennium. It’s a must-see on any Roman holiday.

Roman Holiday Scenes at the Colosseum

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: The Colosseum
© Paramount Pictures

The Colosseum is one of Ann’s major stops along her sightseeing tour. Her, Joe, and Irving can be seen getting a private tour of the grounds.

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: The interior of the Colosseum
© Paramount Pictures

Time Stamps
01:13:42 Joe and Ann arrive at the Colosseum on a Vespa.
01:13:49 Joe, Ann, and Irving tour the Colosseum.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Man posing for a photo outside the Colosseum in Rome at sunrise

The Colosseum is publicly accessible but requires a bit of planning before visiting. For the outside shot, you need to approach the Colosseum from Via dei Fori Imperiali to the northwest of the building.

The interior of the Colosseum in Rome

To get the same experience as the characters of the movie, it’s best to join a guided tour. Alternatively, you can access the Colosseum without a guide as well.

8. Roman Forum

Dating back to as early as the seventh century BC, the Roman Forum is one of the top historical sites in Rome and a popular tourist attraction.

Roman Holiday Scenes at the Roman Forum

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Roman Forum
© Paramount Pictures

Early in the movie, Joe can be seen walking down a street after his card game. The street just happens to lead straight through the Roman Forum, clearly indicated by the Temple of Saturn.

Later, as Joe walks further down the street, he comes across Ann as she sleeps on a ledge in front of Septimius Severus Arch. They chat briefly before they leave in a cab.

Time Stamps
00:18:32 Joe walks through the Forum.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: The ruins of the Roman Forum

The initial street that Joe is seen walking along does not appear to exist anymore today. Rather, subsequent excavations incorporated this area into the archaeological park. The view of the columns can best be seen from the Temple of Concord.

However, the bit where Joe finds Ann sleeping on the ledge is still publicly accessible and located on Via dell’Arco di Settimio.

9. Via Margutta

Via Margutta is a seemingly unassuming street in central Rome, in a part also known as the foreigner’s quarter”. Today, it mostly hosts galleries and antique stores.

PS: The bell tower you see through Joe’s window actually belongs to Oratorio dei Filippini, a church located quite a ways from Via Margutta.

Roman Holiday Scenes at Via Margutta

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Via Margutta
© Paramount Pictures

Befitting of an American, Joe’s apartment is located on Via Margutta. The street can be seen several times throughout the movie.

First, when Joe and Ann arrive at the apartment in the night, and again when Ann leaves the next morning. She then appears to stroll down the street, closely followed by Joe.

Time Stamps
00:22:49 The taxi arrives at Joe’s apartment.
00:55:11 Ann leaves Joe’s apartment.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: The popular Via Margutta street in Rome

Unfortunately, today there are no more food vendors to be found on Via Margutta, but you can always pop into one of the many antique stores on the street.

10. Palazzo Colonna

Palazzo Colonna is among the few hidden gems in Rome. Today it is best known for its princely gallery (Galleria Colonna) of invaluable art.

Roman Holiday Scenes at Palazzo Colonna

Palazzo Colonna is one of three palaces serving as the “embassy” in the movie. It features at the very end, during the reception of the press when Ann discovers the true identity of her travel companions.

Time Stamps
01:48:10 Joe and Irving arrive at the embassy.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: The spectacular Grand Hall of the Palazzo Colonna in Rome

It is possible to visit the palace and its Grand Hall, the main part featured in the movie. The Colonna Palace is open every Saturday from 09:00-13:15 (last admission).

Entry to the palace is possible on Fridays with a guided tour. You may also book a private tour Monday through Friday.

Tickets cost 16.50 EUR for the short tour (gallery + gardens) and 26.50 EUR for the full tour (gallery + Isabelle apartments + gardens). Guided tours cost 31.50 EUR. 

Tickets can be purchased on, the official ticket supplier for the Colonna Palace, or Tiqets. Advance booking is not mandatory but strongly recommended. Book early as tickets sell out fast!

11. Palazzo Barberini

Palazzo Barberini dates back to the 17th century. Once a noble residence, today it houses the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica.

Roman Holiday Scenes at Barberini Palace

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Palazzo Barberini
© Paramount Pictures

Palazzo Barberini features in Roman Holiday as the exterior of Ann’s embassy. It can be seen several times throughout the movie, starting with Ann’s arrival in Rome.

Also, toward the end of the movie, Joe stops the car on Via dei Giardini. We see Ann as she strolls down a small alley of the same name towards the palace.

Time Stamps
00:02:42 Princess Ann first arrives at the embassy.
00:15:27 Princess Ann “escapes” from the embassy.
00:28:26 A guard is seen inside the embassy gates.
01:39:22 Joe drops Ann off at the embassy.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: The Palazzo Barberini in Rome

The few scenes depicting the palace in the movie are easy enough to recreate as only its exteriors are used. The streets around the palace are publicly accessible.

12. Galleria Alberto Sordi

Galleria Alberto Sordi is a shopping arcade named after the actor Alberto Sordi. It was conceived in the early 1900s by architect Dario Carbone.

Roman Holiday Scenes at Galleria Alberto Sordi

© Paramount Pictures

Galleria Alberto Sordi serves as the office of the American News Service, Joe’s place of work. The building is briefly shown from the outside and we can also see a view from one of its windows, overlooking Piazza Colonna and its fountain as Joe arrives.

Time Stamps
00:31:39 Joe arrives at the American News Service offices.

How to see & recreate the scenes

While the shopping mall is open to the public, the offices used in the movie are not, unfortunately. You can still freely access the square and the fountain, though.

13. Forum Boarium

The Forum Boarium was once a bustling center for commercial activity. The large square, which was ancient Rome’s cattle market, is now home to two of the best-preserved Roman temples to have survived from the Republican era – the Temple of Portunus (Tempio di Portuno) and the Temple of Hercules Victor (Tempio di Ercole Vincitore).

Roman Holiday Scenes at Forum Boarium

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Forum Boarium
© Paramount Pictures

Forum Boarium can be seen in the background as Ann, Joe, and Irving leave the police station and are congratulated on their “marriage” by the locals. They then head to the Mouth of Truth.

Time Stamps
01:17:22 Joe, Ann, and Irving leave the police station.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Forum Boarium in Rome

It seems the scenes were filmed from the northern end of the small terrace in front of Unità Organizzativa Attività Commerciali su aree pubbliche, a communal government building. It is freely accessible.

The only drawback is that there may be a lot of traffic between the terrace and the forum as it is a bustling intersection.

14. Palazzo Brancaccio

Palazzo Brancaccio is an opulent palace and was one of the last noble residences built in Rome. Completed in 1922, it was meant to serve as the residence for Prince Salvatore Brancaccio and his wife Elizabeth.

From the time the project began, in 1879, four different architects worked on the palace, the plans of which became grander and grander throughout the years.

Its interiors are exceedingly lavish and may surprise anyone who only knows the palace’s austere exteriors.

Roman Holiday Scenes at Brancaccio Palace

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Palazzo Brancaccio
© Paramount Pictures

Thanks to its lavish furnishings, the interiors of Palazzo Brancaccio made it the perfect filming location for the scenes set at Princess Ann’s embassy in Rome. All interior scenes were filmed here.

The palace’s Mirror Hall is where Princess Ann welcomes various members of Rome’s society. Gala Hall with its gallery provides the backdrop for Princess Ann’s escape from the embassy. Finally, one of the actual bedrooms was used as Ann’s bedroom in the movie. 

Time Stamps
00:02:49 Ann arrives at the embassy and meets members of Roman society.
00:07:19 Ann is in her bedroom at the embassy.
00:14:10 Ann escapes from the embassy.
00:28:28 It is discovered that Ann has disappeared.
01:40:16 Ann returns to the embassy.

How to see & recreate the scenes

Unfortunately, Palazzo Brancaccio is not open to the public, but rather a private event venue.

15. Wall of Wishes

Roman Holiday Scenes at the Wall of Wishes

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Wall of Wishes
© Paramount Pictures

The trio arrives at the Wall of Wishes after visiting the Mouth of Truth. Joe tells Ann about the inscriptions on the plaques. Finally, Ann makes a secret wish before they take off.

Time Stamps
01:20:13 Ann, Joe, and Irving arrive at the Wall of Wishes.

How to see & recreate the scenes

The plaques were once placed on a wall on Viale Del Policlinico but were removed in the 1950ies. Somebody suggested that they have been moved to and conserved at Santuario dell’Amore Misericordioso.

Unfortunately, their website provides no information on this. You can still visit the street, however, it would be a rather sad experience without the tablets.

More Roman Holiday Filming Locations in Rome

While we covered the most important Roman Holiday filming locations, we also want to mention some that may not feature as prominently in the movie but certainly contribute to the film’s charm.

Vatican City

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Vatican City
© Paramount Pictures

Vatican City, including St. Peter’s Cathedral, can briefly be seen in the opening montage when Princess Ann first comes to Rome.

Time Stamps
00:02:20 Shot of Vatican City.

Via dei Fori Imperiali

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Via dei Fori Imperiali
© Paramount Pictures

Via dei Fori Imperiali, an impressive boulevard stretching from the Colosseum, past the Roman Forum, to the Altar of the Fatherland, can also briefly be seen in the opening montage.

The scenes appear to have been filmed around Largo Corrado Ricci as the Basilica of Maxentius can be seen in the background.

Time Stamps
00:02:24 Ann attends a military parade in Rome.

Piazza della Repubblica

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Piazza della Repubblica
© Paramount Pictures

Piazza della Repubblica, one of Rome’s most impressive squares, can briefly be seen when Ann “escapes” from the embassy. It is here, that she disembarks from her getaway car. Caffè Piccarozzi still operates today.

Time Stamps
00:16:10 Ann disembarks from the car.

Via Ruggero Fauro 22

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Via Ruggero Fauno
© Paramount Pictures

Via Ruggero Fauro is an unassuming street on the outskirts of Rome. It is where Joe plays cards at the beginning of the movie.

Time Stamps
00:16:40 Ann crosses the street in front of the building. 

Ciampino Airport

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Ciampino Airport
© Paramount Pictures

Ciampino used to be Rome’s main airport until the opening of Leonardo da Vinci Airport in 1960. Until the rise of low-cost airlines, it mostly served charter planes and private jets. It is seen in Roman Holiday when the “plain-clothes” land in Rome.

Time Stamps
01:12:50 A plane from Ann’s native country lands at the airport.

Marcello Theater

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Marcello Theater
© Paramount Pictures

Marcello Theater is an open-air theater often mistaken for the Colosseum at first glance. Joe and Ann pass it on the Vespa after leaving Caffè Rocca. Cordonata Capitolina and the Altar of the Fatherland can also briefly be seen in the background as they drive down Via del Teatro di Marcello.

Time Stamps
01:13:33 Joe and Ann pass the Marcello Theater on a Vespa.

Palazzo della Consulta

Roman Holiday Filming Locations: Palazzo della Consulta
© Paramount Pictures

While we have established that the terrace shots at the police station were actually filmed around Forum Boarium, the internal shots must have been taken in Palazzo della Consulta as certain elements of the Piazza del Quirinale can be glimpsed through the windows. As it is an official building, it is generally not open to tourists.

Time Stamps
01:16:36 Joe, Ann, and Irving find themselves at the police station.

Map of Roman Holiday Filming Locations in Rome

We’ve created a custom map containing all the Roman Holiday filming locations in Rome with their exact location to ensure you’re not missing out on anything.

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