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One Day in Stockholm, Sweden

In the first part of our new series we want to present our favorite city of all time, Stockholm! Yes, you read right. Stockholm is so incredibly beautiful nothing else has ever come close to throwing her off her throne. Whether you love nature, culture, shopping or anything in between – Stockholm has it all. If you are going to spend one day in Stockholm, bookmark our itinerary below to make the best out of your time!

Oh the joys of travelling – exploring narrow alleyways for hours on end, stopping for a cup of coffee or two at the local coffee shop, browsing through the local markets, partying all night, rising early to catch that beautiful sunrise you’ve been dying to see. These are all incredible experiences, but let’s be honest – not everybody has the time to explore a place for weeks. Sometimes we just need to make the most of the time we have.


One Day in Stockholm – Why & How?

There are many reasons for why you might have just one day in Stockholm. Perhaps you are taking a day cruise from Finland, perhaps you have a layover, or perhaps you are just stopping over in the city before exploring more of the country.

Stockholm is a very big city by Nordic standards, so there is enough for you to explore and enjoy for a week, if you like. However, Mihir and I do think that one day in Stockholm provides you with a fantastic taste of Sweden and the city. Explore with us how to spend 12 perfect hours in the Stockholm!


Wake up Call – Your Morning in Stockholm

You may arrive by train or by plane, but when Mihir and I traveled to Stockholm the last time, we arrived by ferry at Tegelvikshamn. For us, this is the perfect starting point for a day in the city. Why? One word: Södermalm. What was once a working class district has grown into Stockholm’s hippest district and we just love it. Climb the cliffs and you will be rewarded with incredible views of the Stockholm skyline. If you arrive as early as us, you might just be in time to catch the sun rising over the Baltic Sea.

Get all your selfies sorted before you explore the island which is Södermalm a bit further. There are tons and tons of coffee shops for you to explore in the area. Sweden is one of the top ten coffee consuming countries in the world and has its own coffee culture, known as fika. Coffee in Sweden is not rushed, indeed it’s a break from hectic work life and a social event. So find a cozy seat, grab a kanelbullar (a traditional Swedish cinnamon bun) and take it slow – not much will happen in the city before 9 am anyway.


one day in stockholm


Keeping it Royal – Exploring Old Stockholm

After you have charged your batteries over coffee in Södermalm, we recommend you slowly move on to Gamla Stan, or Old Stockholm. We recommend you take it by foot, but naturally you could also take a bus to save time and energy. Gamla Stan is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in all of Europe and offers a real taste of old world charm. We suggest that you simply wander the narrow alleyways, but make sure to find Stortorget (the main square),  Mårten Trotzigs gränd (Mårten Trotzigs alley, only 90 cm wide at its narrowest point), and Stockholm Cathedral.

If you would like to step inside for a little while, we would definitely recommend the Nobel Museum, one of our favorite museums of all time. It’s a rather small but modern and interactive museum, perfect to explore in 1-2 hours. It’s an ideal filler if you’re waiting to see the Change of Guards at the Royal Palace, which takes place at 12:15 every day (13:15 on Sundays and public holidays). You can also visit the palace itself, but we wouldn’t recommend it on a one-day itinerary.


one day in stockholm


The Hustle and Bustle – Luncheon

Chances are you have built up an appetite through all the walking you’ve been doing so far. So leave the island of Gamla Stan and dive into the hustle and bustle of modern Stockholm as you venture into Norrmalm. You probably know the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and if you are visiting in the summer we definitely recommend that you follow in the footsteps of Stockholm natives for you lunchbreak. Grab a salad-to-go and plunk your butt on the shores of Nybroviken. Soak in the few rays of sunshine while you people-watch for a while.

If you are here during the winter, we recommend that you grab lunch in one of the many restaurants around Centralstation, (main train station) or around Sergels torg.


one day in stockholm


Nature, History, Adrenaline – Afternoon Filler

After your lunch you can walk along Strandvägen, one of Stockholm’s grandest streets, until you reach Djurgården. Remember how I said Stockholm had something to offer for everyone? Well, I was not kidding and the island of Djurgården is proof to that! We recommend that you pick one of the following three options to fill your afternoon:


1. Take a breather in Skansen, the world’s oldest open air museum

If you are in Stockholm and are graced with beautiful weather, we would recommend you pay a visit to Skansen, the oldest open air museum in the world. You could easily spend an entire day here, but 2-3 hours during your one day in Stockholm are perfect to get a feel of the place.

You can take the funicular up the hill or alternatively take a short hike. We opted for the funicular ride because it was just a small extra charge, but the hill is easily accessible on foot. My favourite part of Skansen is its zoo and in particular the Nordic animals which you will get so see there, such as reindeer and brown bears. They also have small presentations around the enclosures (although generally in Swedish) if you are interested. And if you’re lucky and you’re around during enrichment time, you will see some real action!

In addition to the zoo you can stroll through the gardens and explore the 140 traditional Scandinavian buildings which have been brought to Skansen over time and learn about the country’s history.


one day in stockholm


2. Dive into Swedish history at the Vasa Museum

If Skansen is not particularly up your alley, you could visit one of Stockholm’s best museums and perhaps one of the best museums in all of Europe. It displays the almost fully intact 17th century warship Vasa that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. Funnily enough the ship sank only minutes after departure and the museum explores the history of the construction of the ship and the time period it represents.

It’s a very modern museum and even if you think you’re not into maritime history, this is a must-see for any lover of culture and history. Plus, it’s perfect on a bad weather day!


one day in stockholm


3. Get the adrenaline pumping at Grönalund

If you would like to do something completely different, why not spend a couple of hours at Gröna Lund, Sweden’s oldes amusement park. Due to its central location its expansion is limited and it remains a relatively small amusement park by modern standards. Nonetheless it’s packed full of fun! 30 different attractions will keep you plenty busy for 2-3 hours.


one day in stockholm


Unwind – Shopping Spree

You’ve had a day packed full of fun activities. If you need a moment to unwind and a convenient place to grab dinner, make a stop at the city’s longest shopping street, Drottninggatan, back in Norrmalm. You’ll find your usual selection of brand stores and maybe a little bit more. Also, this is a perfect place to pick up some last second souvenirs. And just off the street is Hötorget, a perfect place to buy local produce. There are copious restaurants and bars for you to enjoy, but expect them to be packed!


one day in stockholm


Say your goodbyes

Admittedly, this is quite the busy schedule. If you want to save time, you can always choose to take public transport instead of walking. I hope you got a good taste of the city. The city has much, much more to offer so that this one day in Stockholm will hopefully not be your last!


Now, what do you think? Is there anything we have missed or anything that you would do differently? Which is your favorite spot in Stockholm? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Let’s stay in touch!


26 thoughts on “One Day in Stockholm, Sweden

  1. I have wanted to visit Stockholm for so long and this post has made me want to go even more! It looks like such a perfect place to wander around – I hear it is meant to be fantastic in the summer 🙂

    1. Hi Katie and thanks for your comment!

      Absolutely agree, Stockholm is the perfect summer destination. No idea why everybody is heading South.. 😛
      Hope you’ll get the chance to visit soon!


  2. I have spent my birthday in Stockholm a few years ago and i loved every corner of the city. Skansen is a must visit, I’ve spent almost an entire day (getting my midsummer crown eaten by a moose as well), after I visited the Vasa Museum. You are right, there is no better way than starting the day in Stockholm other than with the fika and a cup of coffee 🙂

    1. Hi Joanna!
      It’s so easy to lose track of time in Skansen! Did you have the chance to spend Midsummer there? Oh I’m sooo jealous right now 😀
      Glad you had a good time in Stockholm and loved it as much as us!


    1. Hi Jamie!

      Thanks for pinning. I’m sure if you ever get around to visiting Stockholm, you’ll be awed by the Vasa. It’s a really impressive ship! 🙂


  3. Skansen sounds amazing. I have a friend that lives in Sweden and she says its amazing. Thanks for this one day guide to Stockholm, I’ll be sure to plan a visit the next time I’m in Europe.

    1. Hei and thanks so much for your comment!
      If you have a friend in Sweden, you should really make time to visit.. Stockholm can be pricey, so it’s a perfect opportunity 😉


    1. Hi Aneesha!
      Yes it’s true, this schedule is suuuuper packed.. but if you only have 12 hours, what can you do? Haha. Of course you can always cut out the museums if you would rather just take it all in 🙂


    1. Hi Penny!
      We’ve never been to Vietnam so we’ll have to take your word for it 😀 But it’s true.. sometimes we should just sit down and relax instead of rushing from appointment to appointment.


    1. Hi Milena and thanks for your comment!
      Absolutely agree with the Fotografiska Museet! It’s one of the best photography museums I’ve ever seen. Plus it’s perfect to visit if you’re just waiting for your ferry as the terminal is only a few hundred metres away 🙂


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