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Expat Tales by Talya

Welcome to our new format on expat life in Copenhagen! In this series we open our blog to foreigners living in Greater Copenhagen and their experiences. We want to address the challenges of making a life in Denmark, but also introduce you to what makes this city so livable. If you are considering moving to Copenhagen and want some first-hand insight, look no further. This week we’re opening the stage to Talya, an educator working in Copenhagen.

Note: We speak a lot about “expats” but really we mean “immigrants”, or those who have decided to live in Denmark for an extended period of time and made an effort of integrating into Danish society.


Why did you come to Copenhagen?

I was born and raised in Bulgaria and the desire to move to a green and peaceful place finally brought me to Denmark. Great place to raise your kids! It was the love of my life who brought me to the city. Also Copenhagen is an international and lively place!



What were your first impressions of Copenhagen?

I felt the WOW effect from the very beginning!I felt like an alien, was so overwhelmed. My first visit was during Christmas time. We came for the holidays and spent a week or so. You can imagine how exciting it all was – Tivoli, the lively streets in the city centre, the music and decorations everywhere, the amazing playgrounds that my daughter wouldn’t leave… I was stunned!


Did you experience any culture shock?

Yes. I was so willing to come and so excited! However, the first few months I suddenly felt a bit strange, had new things to explore. Coming from a former communist country, not so experienced in being abroad, especially in Scandinavia… I would say I felt a bit frustrated. Mostly from the idea that I needed to learn the language after all despite the fact that most of the people were able to talk to me in English. I felt weird because most things were so neat and organized… Coming from a place that is quite chaotic and where people can be so mean sometimes…. It felt strange to me to be in a place like Copenhagen.


What’s to love and hate about Copenhagen?

There are so many things I love about Copenhagen. The green areas, the places for kids, all opportunities that are given to parents with kids to spend quality time with them – libraries, playgrounds, museums, farms…

Least favorite places are …hm…a few places around the city centre like Norrebro for example… I love Copenhagen, but sometimes I feel a bit uncomfortable in areas I don’t know too well.


What do you miss most about home?

I miss the hot summer, the Black sea, my close friends, the mountains, and so much more.


What are your plans for the future?

I came to Copenhagen with my daughter in the summer of 2014. We are planning to raise our children in Denmark so far 🙂 I have been working as a childminder and educator almost from the moment I came to Denmark and I’m planning to continue doing so. I love working with kids!! 🙂 I am a teacher and kids inspire me 🙂


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