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13 Websites to Bookmark for Your Life in Denmark

Welcome to your new life in Denmark! Did you just recently move to Denmark and don’t know where to start? Usually, the internet is your best friend in this case. Because moving to Denmark can be stressful, we thought we’d make your lives easier and compile a list of websites which you’ll need through the course of your first months in Denmark.

Ny I Danmark is your first address for any official or bureaucratic questions you may have about your stay in Denmark. It will direct you to the appropriate offices around Denmark.

Once you are registered and settled in your new home, this is a website you’ll need often, especially in the beginning. It’s your portal to health care, social security, and finances.

Looking for a new apartment? Although networking is certainly the best way of finding your new home, you should still give this portal a chance. Just be sure to check it every day.


* Read more about how to find an apartment in Copenhagen here *

So you finally found an apartment, but need some budget-friendly furniture to decorate your new home? On dba you can find anything from furniture to cars to books. Almost like eBay, but without the thrill 😉

Is your local supermarket closing prohibitively early or notoriously understocked on the items you need? Then shop for your groceries online!

Have you been in Denmark for a while and feel like you are spending a fortune on food? Perhaps you may want to try focusing on food that’s in season. If you’re unsure about Danish agriculture and growing seasons, you will love this.

When you can’t be bothered to cook and haven’t found your favorite takeaway joint yet, check this website. You can filter by cuisine, delivery options, and much more. Your next delicious curry is only a click away!

So you got your food, your car, your furniture. But what if you need anything else or something in particular you couldn’t find in the local shops? Amazon is your answer. The German fraction of the company offers free delivery to Denmark on orders above 39€.

Planning on traveling by public transport? Whether you’re commuting intercity or only within Copenhagen, this route planner will be a true lifesaver. You may also want to download the app!

Not a fan of public transport in Denmark? Whether you are looking for a lift or would like to rent a car in Denmark, make gomore your starting point to your next ride!

Once you have been in Denmark for a while, you should make an effort to keep up to date with local news. The Local offers news about Denmark in English, to get you started.



Now, there are many ways of learning Danish and we won’t get into all of them now. But take a look at Ligetil which offers news in simple Danish which is relatively easy to understand on a beginner’s level. Work your way up from there!

AOK is a news and lifestyle online magazine. If you really want to be ‘in the know’, definitely bookmark this website for the future!


Now, what do you think? Did we miss any other useful websites? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Let’s stay in touch!


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