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9 Christmas Markets to Visit in Copenhagen

If there is one thing I missed during our time in Finland, it was Christmas markets. Now, Christmas markets in Copenhagen still do not come close to those I used to visit in Austria, but I have to admit that Christmas markets in Copenhagen do have a certain charm. I have made it a mission to visit all of them before Christmas Eve. Mission impossible? We’ll see! One can never have too much gløgg or æbleskriver! Below we have compiled a list of all Christmas markets in Copenhagen for you! Oh, and there’s a map at the bottom for you 🙂


1.Nyhavn Christmas Market

Number 1 on any list of Christmas markets in Copenhagen is the market a Nyhavn harbor. If you’re planning on visiting Nyhavn anyway (and you should be!) then you’ll get a taste of Danish Christmas with it!

Open: 10 November – 23 December 2017
Address: Nyhavn, 1051 Copenhagen K


2.Christiania Christmas Market

If you want to visit an entirely different kind of Christmas market in Copenhagen, why not pop over into the Freetown of Christiania? I promise you, there is nothing like it!

Open: 6 – 20 December 2017
Address: The Grey Hall, Refshalevej 2, 1432 Copenhagen K


3.Kongens Nytorv Christmas Market

Smack in the city center, this is a Christmas market in Copenhagen you simply can’t miss. While you’re there you also get to enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations on the buildings surrounding Kongens Nytorv, such as Magasin or Hotel D’Angleterre.

Open: 17 November – 22 December 2017
Address: 1050 Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen K


4.H.C. Andersen Christmas Market

Located in the old town of Copenhagen, this market may very well be out of a fairytale. It’s only open for 5 days a year, so make sure not to miss it!

Open: 17 November – 23 December 2017
Address: Nytorv, 1450 Copenhagen K


5.Kødbyen Christmas Market

Tucked away in the old meatpacking district in Vesterbro, this Christmas market is truly unique. However, it will only be around for 2 days this year. Mark it down on your calendar now!

Open: 9-10 December 2017
Address: Kødbyen, 1716 Copenhagen V


6.Højbro Plads Christmas Market

Also known as Deutsch’s Christmas Market, this Christmas market has been organized in close cooperation with the City of Copenhagen. It’s ideally located just off Strøget.

Open: 18 November – 23 December 2017
Address: Højbro Plads, 1200 Copenhagen K


7.Carlsberg Christmas Market

And now for something different… a Christmas market at a brewery? Because why the heck not. Buy some gifts, have some beer, it’s almost Christmas after all 😉

Open: 1-3 and 8-10 December 2017
Address: Visit Carlsberg, Gamle Carlsbergvej 11, 1699 Copenhagen V


8.Tivoli Christmas Market

The Christmas market in Tivoli gardens is a bit of a special case as you will have to pay an entrance fee of 120 KR. But believe me, when I tell you, it’s worth every cent! Tivoli goes all out for Christmas season and is easily my top pick Christmas market in Copenhagen!

Open: 18 November – 31 December 2017
Address: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V


Christmas Markets in Copenhagen Tivoli


9. FindersKeepers Christmas Market

This year will be the last chance to visit the Christmas market on Papirøen, full of intriguing products by local designers. There is an admission fee, but half of it goes towards charity 🙂

Open: 9-10 December 2017
Address: Trangravsvej 10, 1436 København K


Tip: Christmas Market at Kronborg Castle

While you go and follow in Hamlet’s footsteps, you may as well visit the Christmas market taking place at the castle in Helsingør. Read more about visiting Kronborg Castle here.



Now, what do you think? Which is your favorite Christmas market in Copenhagen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Let’s stay in touch!


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