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12 Funky Flavors to Try during your Travels

I think we can probably all agree that part of the joy of travelling is trying something new or out of the ordinary. Usually that means that we taste fruits we have never even heard of or order something solely based on a picture on the menu. But if we are honest, this can be very tiring. After a while you just want to fall back onto something more familiar. Fortunately, thanks to big brands, you have the option of actually doing both!


Most bigger brands expand their range of products according to local tastes which can make for very interesting experiences. Many people swear by tasting themselves through local McDonald’s menus (e.g. McCurry in India, McSpaghetti in the Philippines). But you can also stop by any convenience store and have the same experience.



We have tried some of the most random flavours of products without even leaving Europe. My personal favourite, however, are Pringles. Do you have any idea how many obscure flavours of Pringles there are? Let me tell you – a lot 😉 We tried a shrimp cocktail and a cheddar flavour in Malta which didn’t entirely convince us. On the other hand we found 4 promotional summer flavours in a supermarket in Finland which were pretty interesting. Mihir’s favourite was the lime&chili, mine the pizza flavour.


Pringles Pizza Pringles Fajita Pringles Cheese Fries Pringles Hawaiian


The same with Fanta.. I don’t know why, but they really like coming up with the most random flavoured soft drinks. I mean, whatever happened to Fanta Orange? The blood-orange we got in Malta wasn’t my favourite, the Finnish berry flavour went over much better, I’d say!



We thought we couldn’t possibly be the only ones who have come across this. So we asked fellow travel bloggers to share some of their favourite funky flavours they have encountered abroad. Enjoy!


Lays – Creamy Dill by The Educational Tourist

My son, who was 6 at the time, was thrilled to see a Subway during our visit to Moncton, Canada. And sure enough we found his beloved Lays sour cream and onion chips….until we tasted them. This bag LOOKS like sour cream and onion but was instead creamy dill which is NOT at all the same. We all tasted it and while it wasn’t bad…the fact that we were expecting something else made it hard for us to enjoy.
Lays Creamy Dill


KitKat – Wasabi by Traveling Spud

I learned that there was a wasabi flavored KitKat online before heading to Japan. I LOVE wasabi and I love KitKats so I figured I needed to give these a try. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them anywhere in Japan! I searched and searched. I found soy sauce flavor and sake flavor, but not wasabi. Then, right as I was giving up at the airport about to board my flight, I found them at a ramen airport restaurant! I immediately bought them and tried them out. They are actually really GOOD! At first they taste like a regular KitKat and then after you’re done chewing you get a little wasabi flavor. It was so cool that I found them and I actually would buy them again if I had the opportunity!
KitKat Wasabi


Lays – Toffee & Macchiato by Reading the Book

I found these Lays potato chips in a 7-Eleven in Taipei, Taiwan. It was only when I looked more closely at the unfamiliar packaging that I saw the flavours: Toffee and Macchiato! To be honest, I couldn’t bring myself to try sweet potato chips, so I opted for something savoury but still local: seaweed flavour (which I thoroughly recommend). Maybe next time I’ll get up the courage to try the macchiato…
Lays Toffee Lays Macchiato


Maggi – Indian Flavors by My Simple Sojourn

Maggi is a large household brand which produces anything from seasonings to instant soups. In India, however, Maggi is basically synonymous with instant noodles. To honour their popularity, the company recently introduced 4 regional Indian flavors.
“Amritsari achari masala” from up north and it tastes like a tangy pickle.
“Mumbaiya Chatak Masala” from the west and it taste of star anise, clove, and cinnamon.
“Super Chennai Masala” from the south and it taste curry leaves, tamarind & sambhar spices.
“Bangali Jhaal Masala” from the east and have strong flavor of five spices (cumin, brown mustard, fenugreek, nigella & fennel seeds)
I tried all flavors and can have these once in a while just for fun but my favorite remains classic Maggi noodles.
Maggi Flavours


Now, what do you think? Have you come across any of these flavors? Or maybe even funkier ones? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Let’s stay in touch!

7 thoughts on “12 Funky Flavors to Try during your Travels

  1. I spend so much money on snacks like these when I travel. I’m so curious what these taste like! I had a Tropical Fruit flavored Fanta in Belgium. It was basically guava soda and it was amazing.

  2. Havn’t tried any one of these, but it’s sure is one of the best ting with travelling. All the new flavors. I have been travelling for the last year and one bad thing with that is you find local candy you Love which you cant find elsewhere when you continue tour trip!

  3. I also enjoy trying localised snack flavours around the world. I’m most impressed with the Japanese Kitkat as they have so many flavours which one cannot find anywhere else in the world (my favourites are matcha and taro :D). Really enjoy reading your article!

  4. I’ve seen the Kit-Kat bars before, but never actually tried them! When I was in Poland, I found some sausage and onion-flavored Lays. I have to say that they are still my favorite type of potato chip to this day! I haven’t found them locally and just might have to import them…or go back to Poland!

  5. This is hilarious! My husband and I always love investigating the different snacks overseas! One of the best named one’s we found was “Cool American” Doritos (instead of Cool Ranch). ?

  6. Such a fun idea for a blog post! We love to try different snack flavors, too. I am really not a big fan of the meat flavored crisps in the UK, but I’d love to try the cheese fries or the fajitas Pringles! Sometimes grocery shopping can bring home the best souvenirs. ?

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