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Nomad Epicureans focuses on short-term cultural travel, with a heavy dose of architecture and food & drink. Our readers rely on our in-depth and highly practical guides to maximize their time at their destination and avoid any unnecessary hassle.

Our Values

At Nomad Epicureans, we follow a set of values we will not compromise on to avoid negative impacts on our readers, society, and the environment. Our content is:

  • Transparent: So our readers can trust that sponsorships are always disclosed.
  • Original: So our readers know we are the best source for travel inspiration and practical travel tips.
  • Comprehensive: So our readers can fully immerse themselves without having to worry about the details.
  • Authentic: So our readers are challenged to leave their comfort zones and engage with local culture & people.
  • Sustainable & ethical: So our readers can actively contribute to a destination’s economic, ecological, and social welfare.

We are searching for cooperation partners who share our values. At the moment we are open to cooperations with tourism boards, cultural institutions, accommodation providers, as well as businesses in the food & beverage industry.

We evaluate cooperations with tour providers on a case-by-case basis. Please do not hesitate to reach out for a proposal.

Please note that for sustainability reasons we currently do not accept cooperation requests for product reviews.

Per principle, we do not actively promote animal attractions.

We do not and will never accept pre-written content on nomadepicureans.com (including guest posts). Please reach out to other creators for this opportunity or browse our advertising options below.

We offer a wide range of advertising options tailored to your needs. All sponsored blog posts on nomadepicureans.com include an environment free of programmatic advertising for 6 months. Sponsored content we produce:

  • Sponsored blog posts (incl. destination guides, hotel reviews, etc.)
  • Sponsored insertion of additional content into existing blog posts (incl. link to your business)
  • Sponsored social media posts
  • Press and FAM trip campaigns
  • Social media takeovers

Our primary goal in cooperating with you is to bring additional value to your business or destination. Therefore, we craft our advertising packages with great care. Here are 3 reasons we can add value:

1. We drive decisions

About 52% of our readers are already in the consideration phase when they arrive on nomadepicureans.com. At this point, our content helps readers decide for how long to stay, where to stay, and what to do during the visit. They are ready to book accommodations and to buy travel passes.

Advertising options

  • Single blog post
  • Series of interlinking blog posts

Frequently viewed posts in this phase:

  • City x VS city y
  • Why to visit city x
  • Things to do in city x
  • Where to stay in city x
  • 3/2/1 day(s) in city x

2. We increase output

About 38% of our readers arrive on nomadepicureans.com when they are already at their destinations. While they have already booked their accommodation, they are still looking for places to eat and things to do during their stay. Our content helps readers identify museums to visit, tours to take, or restaurants to eat at. For destinations, this means added value in terms of money going into the local economy.

Advertising options

  • Single blog post
  • Series of interlinking blog posts

Frequently viewed posts in this phase:

  • Things to do in city x
  • Things to do in city x when it rains (and similar)
  • Best place to eat xyz in city x
  • Best brunch places in city x
  • Museums in city x
  • Self-guided walking tour in city x
  • Best way to see attraction x

3. We inspire

While our content performs particularly well in the consideration and decision phase, about 10% of our readers are still in the market for travel inspiration. This segment is harder to capture and therefore requires more complex advertising packages. Generally, we will craft a bottom- or mid-funnel content piece which will serve as the “target” for a wider, upper-funnel campaign.

Example of an upper-funnel advertising campaign for Naples, Italy

  • Series of upper-funnel blog posts (e.g. Places to visit in Italy, Things to do in Southern Italy)
  • Series of mid-funnel blog posts (e.g. Things to do in Naples, Why to visit Naples)
  • Optional: Series of bottom-funnel blog posts (e.g. Where to stay in Naples, Where to eat the best pizza in Venice)
  • Strategic placement of banners linking to mid-funnel or bottom-funnel content on existing blog posts on nomadepicureans.com
  • Strategic placement of banners linking to mid-funnel or bottom-funnel content in the sidebar

Nearly 50% of our readers are Millennials who are well known for constantly being on the move. As a result, our readers are short-term planners who only book their hotel stays less than a month before arrival (on average, 25 days before arrival).

The majority of our readers travel often but in short intervals. Day trips and weekend trips are popular among our reader base who largely consists of highly educated full-time employees.

70% of our readers are English-speakers, particularly from the UK and the US. 3% of our readers consist of German speakers from the DACH region, while the remaining 27% consist of non-English/German speakers from around the world.