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Why You Should Visit Copenhagen in June & Things to Do

With the first real summer days, you will really enjoy Copenhagen in June.

As we’re heading into summer, Copenhageners truly enjoy the first warm days of the year. June is a wonderful time to travel to Copenhagen. Not only will you be blessed with great weather, but there is also plenty happening throughout the month. Of course, increased tourist masses can be a drawback, but that really is no reason not to enjoy Copenhagen in June!

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Copenhagen Weather in June

June is probably one of the best months weather-wise in Copenhagen. Daytime temperatures hover around 20 degrees Celsius and don’t really drop below 12 degrees in the night. Being so close to summer solstice, June is blessed with plenty of daylight, namely 17 hours of it!

Coupled with only about a 30% chance of rain, that gives you plenty of time to explore the city’s beautiful sights. In 2018, summer temperatures were extraordinarily high, so it is good to be prepared for hot weather.

Practical Information for Visiting Copenhagen in June

One of the major drawbacks of visiting Copenhagen in June is that tourism is in full swing around that time. That means that popular tourist attractions get crowded and hotel prices shoot through the roof.

I would recommend that you plan in a little bit more time (say, one day or so extra). That way, you can book a hotel room a little less central (read: more affordable) and are more flexible in as to when you hit the popular tourist spots.

Where to Stay in Copenhagen in June

Personally, I think the following hotels are good value during the summer months. They are well connected by public transport so you won’t lose to much time on transit:

  • Sleepcph, located on Amager and only a short 5-6 minute walk from the metro.
  • Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Airport, located close to the airport makes it very convenient if you have early morning or late-night flights. Only a quick 20-minute metro ride into the city.
  • Royaltybed Copenhagen, a cozy guesthouse located only a 10-minute train ride from the city center and also well connected if you wish to take day trips out of the city. Books up quickly!

Public Holidays in June

Also, in June there are a few public holidays during which opening hours may be affected. Some shops may be closed on these days and/or attractions may close early. These public holidays are:

  • 5 June 2019 (Constitution Day; banks closed)
  • 10 June 2019 (Whit Monday; all public offices and banks closed)

Things to Do in Copenhagen in June

June is a good time to visit Copenhagen as all attractions are open and don’t have restricted opening hours compared to the winter months. The weather is also relatively stable which means you can explore some of the city’s surrounding nature.

Make sure to head out to Amager Naturpark and escape the dense city for a while. June is also the perfect time for some day trips out of the city, e.g. to Bakken Amusement Park or Lyngby Open Air Museum.

In the summer, Copenhageners love to attend Fredagsrock at Tivoli, a weekly music concert taking place Fridays in the famous Tivoli Gardens. Entrance to Tivoli includes the concert as well!

Additionally, there are plenty of festivals and other events happening in June in Copenhagen. Below is a small selection of the most popular ones:


29 May – 02 June 2019 |

Distortion is without a doubt one of the biggest events in Copenhagen. Drawing over 100,000 visitors every year, this music festival is a treat for dance and techno lovers.

While the bigger street parties take place in late May in 2019, early June sees Distortion Ø, the biggest indoor event of Distortion. Expect to see people partying out late, and don’t pay any mind to the excessive consumption of alcohol in the streets 😉

Constitution Day

05 June 2019

Constitution Day is to Denmark what Independence Day is to many other countries. On this day in June, Denmark celebrates the signing of its constitution, both the original constitution from 1849 (which established Denmark as a constitutional monarchy) and the current constitution signed in 1953.

On this day, many shops will close around noon. This gives its employees the chance to attend political rallies taking place on this day. You’ll see the Danish flag a lot more on this day than on most others.

Copenhagen Photo Festival

06 – 16 June 2019 |

Since its initiation in 2010, the Copenhagen Photo Festival has been held annually and grown to the most important photography festival in Northern Europe. Its mission is to showcase Nordic photography and incorporate photography in all daily aspects.

During the 11-day festival, you can attend workshops, see exhibitions, and learn more about photography in Denmark. Although the whole city becomes one big exhibition (including all metro trains), the main exhibition space, Photo City, can be found in Østerbro.

Copenhagen Carnival

07 – 09 June 2019

Copenhagen Carnival is one of the top events in Copenhagen in June. C: Irina Korshunova /

In most other places, Carnival takes place in February. Well, actually also Danes celebrate carnival, called Fastelavn, in February. However, a fun carnival parade only happens in June.

Organized by a passionate group of dancers, this festival is the biggest samba festival in Northern Europe. The 2-day event consists of dance classes, parades, drum lessons, and more. Make sure not to miss the parade on Strøget!


09 – 10 June 2019

As a Lutheran country, Denmark isn’t very particular about its Pentecost celebrations. The main thing to be aware of is that all government offices and banks are closed on Whit Monday. Additionally, a majority of shops and supermarkets are also closed on this day.

An old tradition that only a few Danes still observe is to watch the sun ‘dance’ on Whit Sunday morning. You can welcome the sun with a shot of traditional Danish snaps, Gammel Dansk.


19 – 22 June 2019 |

CopenHell is an annual metal festival taking place in Copenhagen. Located on Refshaløen, its industrial surroundings only add to the festival’s grungy character. As one of the most popular heavy metal festivals in Northern Europe, it draws thousands of visitors every year. In 2019, the lineup includes artists such as Slipknot, Tool and more. Unless you are attending the festival, it is probably a good idea not to visit Reffen Street Food during the time, as it will get inexplicably crowded.

Sankt Hans Aften

23 June 2019

While the rest of Scandinavia and Northern Europe celebrates Midsummer on the 21st of June, in Denmark celebrations don’t happen until the 23rd. In Denmark, it is Sankt Hans Aften rather than Midsummer that is celebrated in June.

Sankt Hans Aften is associated with Saint John the Baptist who was (supposedly) born on the 24th of June. Sankt Hans Aften is the evening before Sankt Hans Day.

The day is celebrated similarly to Midsummer in other countries, namely with big impressive bonfires. In Denmark, a wooden ‘witch’ is fixed to the top of the bonfire. As the legend goes, once the witch is burnt, she flies to Bloksbjerg (Brocken) in Germany for the infamous witch-gathering (Faust, anyone?).

Make sure to attend one of the Sankt Hans bonfires in Copenhagen in June! C: Oliver Foerstner /

Along with the bonfire, speeches and songs are also common. Since the mid-19th century and to this day, Danes sing the songs ‘Vi Elsker Vort Land’ (We Love Our Country) or ‘Midsommervisen’ by Holger Drachmann.

Bonfires can be found all around the city, but some of the bigger ones are usually held in Amager Strandpark, Ørestadsparken, Fælledparken, etc. Please note that bonfires may not take place during times of drought (as in 2018) due to the high risk of wildfire.

Roskilde Festival

29 June – 06 July 2019 |

If you're spending June in Copenhagen, why not attend the famous Roskilde Festival? C: Kjeld Friis /

Dating back to 1971, Roskilde festival is not only the oldest music and arts festival in Northern Europe, with about 200,000 annual visitors, it is also the largest. What was originally a festival geared towards the ‘free love’ movement, has quickly become a major mainstream music festival.

Every year, Roskilde Festival draws some of the biggest acts in pop, rock, hip hop, and electronic music. You can either buy a one-day ticket for 1050 DKK or go for a festival pass. Camping is also available on-site.

During the Roskilde Festival, all trains traveling between Roskilde and Copenhagen tend to be very crowded. This is something to keep in mind if you are planning on taking a day trip from Copenhagen to Roskilde during that time.

Now, what do you think? What is your favorite time of the year to visit Copenhagen? What else is there to do in Copenhagen in June? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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