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5 Unusual Souvenirs to Buy in Marrakech, Morocco

berber tooth picks souvenirs morocco marrakech

Marrakech is full of beautiful corners to explore, but what makes the city really special is its souks. As you make your way through the alleys your eyes can feast on everything imaginable. From lamps to jewelry, leather bags, pickled lemons, heaps of spices, and so much more. There is surely something that you’ll want to take home.

Best Souvenirs from Morocco

But what intrigued us was the things most tourists seemed to have no interest in. These items are sold by nearly every spice vendor you will come across, but perhaps they are so unusual that you’re hesitant to look at them more closely. Let us break the barrier and introduce you to these 5 unusual souvenirs to bring home from Marrakech. And the best thing about it? With the right haggling skills, these should all cost you less than 3 bucks 🙂

1. Aker Fassi

The souks of Marrakech are full of vibrant streaks of color. Why not pretty yourself up a little bit? Look for these small tagine-shaped terracotta figures. Known as Aker Fassi, this is a natural cosmetic which is generally made from dried poppy petals and pomegranate seeds. It is traditionally used by Berber women as lipstick or blush.

All you have to do is to wet your fingers a little bit and rub the surface of the figure. Then you can transfer the color to your face as desired. If you’re looking to keep your lips hydrated, you may mix it with a bit of argan oil. This might be of particular interest to all vegan travelers, as this is completely free of animal products (even though this occasionally referred to as “gazelle blood” ;))

aker fassi souvenir morocco

2. Berber Toothpicks

If you have wandered any of the souks in Morocco, I’m sure you have come across the items in the first picture below. If you have ever wondered what they are, let us solve the mystery for you: toothpicks. This bushel is actually the dried inner part of the Ammi Visnaga plant. The plant was originally cultivated in the Nile Delta, but the toothpicks have been part of Berber culture for a while now.

berber tooth picks souvenirs morocco marrakech

3. Clay Foot Scrubbers

Another item you might see is the Moroccan version of a foot scrubber. Are your feet cracked after pounding the pavement on your sightseeing rounds? The scrapers are made out of clay and the ornate design is also functional. So why not treat yourself to a mini spa treatment back at your riad? You may also rest assured that you have bought a completely natural souvenir. What else could you want? 🙂

clay foot scrubbers souvenirs marrakech morocco

4. Alum

The big white chunks in our first picture are very hard to overlook in the souks. Amidst all the shades of brown, the crisp color definitely stands out. My grandmother used to have smaller pieces of this strange item in her medicine cabinet. If you think back, perhaps you have seen it before? The item in question is known as alum. Alum is a chemical compound, but as potassium alum, it has several cosmetic applications. It occurs naturally in areas with volcanic activity. It can be used as a deodorant as it inhibits the growth of bacteria responsible for body odor. Alum is also commonly used as an aftershave as it acts as an astringent, or in other words, it prevents bleeding from small shaving cuts.

alum souvenirs marrakech morocco

5. Perfume

Another way to get yourself smelling fresh and clean is to apply one of the many tiny colorful cubes sold in these spice shops. They may look like candy, but they are really blocks of perfume. They are made of natural resins, such as sandalwood, amber, musk, etc. You rub them against your wrists or behind your ear and you’re ready to go. And let me tell you, they smell heavenly! And another big plus is that they are free from any chemicals and from any animal products. Natural, vegan, and delicious… You’ll never want anything else again!

perfume blocks souvenirs marrakech morocco

Now, what do you think? Have you seen any of these items before? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts and pictures with us! Let’ stay in touch!

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22 thoughts on “5 Unusual Souvenirs to Buy in Marrakech, Morocco”

  1. I know prices are always subject to change but if you could provide an idea of cost for the suggested items, it would be helpfu l, especially since haggling is such a big part of the purchase. than k you for these unique suggestions.

  2. Hi – You mentioned that the perfume cubes above are “vegan” but also that they may contain musk, which is traditionally a product derived from animal glands. Do you know if there is some other substance called “musk” that might be only from vegetal sources?


    1. Dear Steve,

      thank you so much for your excellent question! I think you are right in that musk is not vegan and I cannot confirm that they use a vegan alternative. Probably best to stay away from these scents and go for something floral instead 🙂


      1. You advertise this as “Natural, vegan” as if it’s great to support these things. Sandalwood is an endangered plant and extremely slow growing. Do not use veganism as a selling point nor purchase sandalwood if you’re going to approach this from an ethical standpoint.

    2. I always love getting a souvenir that isn’t cliche. Problem is that I spend hours searching and more often than not my search isn’t rewarded. These ideas are definitely awesome. Going to keep them in mind if I ever head to Morocco

    3. Morocco is on the very top of my travel list! Thanks for these handy tips. I will look out for the Gazelle’s blood:-)

    4. I have never heard of any of these things and they are all amazing!! So interesting to know about this sort of thing as I would have had no idea at all!

    5. Oh wow I’ve never seen any of these before and I feel like I’m missing out now! You did a fantastic job both with writing and photography capturing the vibe of the marketplace. That natural perfume looks amazing. Part of the reason I don’t wear any these days is because it seems to be loaded with chemicals or tested on animals. I just don’t feel right about it, ya know?

    6. What cool and interesting souvenirs to take home. I think I would want one of those foot scrubs to use during my pedicures.

    7. Thanks for this great little list, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for these on my trip next month. Particularly the aker fassi – I’d have walked right past this otherwise! How big are they?
      And I have a perfume block from Lebanon that needs replacing – they’re so great for travelling.

    8. I’ve never been to Marrakech, but when I imagine it all I see is the colors.
      That foot scrubber sounds really cool!

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